A Branch of Righteousness

God had promised King David that his Kingdom would last forever,

That thread of prophetic hope lifted many hearts in times of disaster.

But few had understood that God had given them a great Messianic hope,

It would take wisdom and strength to believe in God and to learn how to cope.


God raised up some faithful servants, called prophets of the Lord,

Their task was to help people look forward to the Anointed One of God.

They would give stirring words, speaking of the Branch of Righteousness,

So many had lost faith in God, and they were living in sinful wretchedness.


Prophets like Jeremiah would preach powerful messages from the Lord,

They always pointed to the future, to the Day of the Anointed One of God.

The Branch would one day usher in a Reign of righteousness on earth,

The challenge was to look forward in faith to the Glorious Messiah’s birth.


Many years had come and gone and the Messiah still had not come,

The hearts of many had grown cold, few now believed in David’s Son!

But they had failed to understand that every Divine Promise would be kept,

The Birth of the glorious Saviour was announced to shepherds, while many slept.


Inspiration: Jeremiah 33:15; Luke 2:8-20


Charles Tan