In Him All The Fullness Should Dwell

In Him All The Fullness Should Dwell


When Jesus walked on earth few fully understood Him.

The scribes were angry when He forgave people’s sins!

Some even thought He was in league with the Devil,

But they could not prove that He had done any evil.


God was pleased to ordain that in Christ should all fullness dwell,

In Him would be found all the wisdom and power that compelled.

The waves and the winds recognised His potent authority,

Mighty demons were terrified by His power and majesty!


Jesus however chose to come in the form of the Son of Man,

This was well within the scope of God’s profound plan.

He would take the form of a Servant and practise full obedience,

Yet the fullness of the glory of God in Him did not lose its radiance.


False teachers who did not fully comprehend Jesus as the Son of God,

Preached a false message that disparaged the fullness of Jesus the Lord.

They could not see the fullness of Christ because they were not enlightened,

These false teachings were strongly refuted by the apostles who had discerned.


Inspiration: Colossians 1:19