08 May 2021

Youth Worship Service 8 May 2021 : “Questions are not necessarily Doubts”

Youth Worship Service 8 May 2021 : “Questions are not necessarily Doubts”
Text: Genesis 15; 1 Peter 2:1-3; 2 Peter 1:1-4

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Focus on Faith

Message Notes


Texts: Genesis 15; 1 Peter 2:1-3; 2 Peter 1:1-4

Title: Questions are not necessarily Doubts


1. Questions are Normal

a) It could be curiosity
b) It could be a desire for knowledge
c) It could be a problem of uncertainty

2. Questions may be asked

a) God is not offended
b) Answers would be given


1. God called Abram Genesis 12:1-3

a) Abram complied
b) No questions were raised

2. God gave Abram wonderful promises

a) The promise of making him a great nation Genesis 12:2a
b) The promise of blessing Genesis 12:2b
c) Again, no questions were raised

3. Some reasons for not raising questions

a) A simple approach to faith in God
b) It takes time to digest all that God had said
c) He chose to wait for God to fulfil what He promised


1. Manner of raising a question to the Lord

a) “LORD GOD” Genesis 15:2a
i) Humble
ii) Seeking knowledge
b) “What will You give me, seeing I go childless?” Genesis 15:2b
i) Reality
ii) Uncertainty about the future
c) “And the heir of my house is Eliezer of Damascus” Genesis 15:2c
i) Current arrangement
ii) Practical planning in case Abram dies prematurely
d) “Look, You have given me no offspring;
indeed one born in my house is my heir” Genesis 15:3

2. God’s answer given

a) An inspiring answer
i) God brought Abram outside his tent
ii) He shows him the night sky
iii) As many stars as Abram could count
so would he have as many descendants Genesis 15:5
b) An appropriate response
i) Abram believed God
ii) He believed in His word of promise Genesis 15:6
c) A wonderful blessing given by God
i) God confirms by stating who He is Genesis 15:7a
ii) He gives a word of assurance Genesis 15:7b


1. The Second Question

a) It came after Faith had been expressed
b) It came after God had blessed!

2. This question is not Doubt

“LORD GOD, how shall I know that I will inherit it?” Genesis 15:8
a) He expresses ignorance
b) He does not know how he would inherit
c) God had not informed him yet


1. A puzzling answer given

a) A three-year-old heifer Genesis 15:9a
b) A three-year-old female goat Genesis 15:9b
c) A three-year-old ram Genesis 15:9c
d) A turtledove Genesis 15:9d
e) A young pigeon Genesis 15:9e

2. Abram complied

a) He brought all of them Genesis 15:10a
b) He cut them in two Genesis 15:10b
c) He placed them opposite each other Genesis 15:10c
d) He did not cut the birds Genesis 15:10d

3. Vultures came but were duly chased away Genesis 15:11

4. A special vision given

a) A deep sleep came to Abram Genesis 15:12a
b) A deep sense of horror/ darkness Genesis 15:12b

5. God spoke to Abram foretelling the future

a) Your descendants will be strangers
in a land that is not theirs Genesis 15:13a
b) And will serve them Genesis 15:13b
c) And they will afflict them
four hundred years Genesis 15:13c
d) The nation whom they serve
I will judge Genesis 15:14a
e) Afterward they shall come out
with great possessions Genesis 15:14b

6. A personal word to Abram

a) He will die in peace
b) He will die at a good old age Genesis 15:15

7. A confirming sign

a) A smoking oven
b) A burning torch
c) They passed between the pieces Genesis 15:17


1. Never be afraid of questions

2. There are answers to be found

3. Faith can be strengthened further

a) When answers are found
b) When faith is better informed
c) When faith grows further and stronger