23 October 2021

Youth Worship 23 October 2021 : “Died in a good old age”

Youth Worship 23 October 2021 : “Died in a good old age”
Text: Genesis 25:1-11; Hebrews 11:8-12

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Focus on Faith

Message Notes


Scripture Text: Genesis 25:1-11; Hebrews 11:8-12

Message: “Died in a good old age” Pastor Charles Tan


1. Key years in the life of Abraham

a) Called at 75 years Genesis 12:4
b) Became a father to Ishmael at 86 years Genesis 16:16
c) Became a father to Isaac at 100 years Genesis 21:5
d) Died at 175 years Genesis 25:7

2. Significant Events in the life of Abraham

a) Left Haran for Canaan Genesis 12
b) Left Canaan for Egypt Genesis 12
c) Separated from Lot Genesis 13
d) Rescued Lot Genesis 14
e) Melchizedek came to him Genesis 14
f) Covenant given to Abram Genesis 15
g) Sign of the Covenant (Circumcision) Genesis 17
h) Heavenly Visitors Genesis 18
i) Prayer for Sodom and Gomorrah Genesis 18
j) Abraham and Abimelech Genesis 20
k) Birth of Isaac Genesis 21
l) Sacrifice of Isaac Genesis 22
m) Death of Sarah Genesis 23
n) Search for a wife for Isaac Genesis 24


1. Marrying Keturah Genesis 25:1

2. Children from this marriage with Keturah

a) Zimran
b) Jokshan
c) Medan
d) Midian
e) Ishbak
f) Shuah Genesis 25:2

3. Sending away to the East Genesis 25:6

a) Keturah
b) Concubines
c) Children

4. Isaac: The Heir

a) Abraham gave him all that he had Genesis 25:5
b) No one to rival Isaac


1. The sum of Abraham’s life

a) He died at 175 years Genesis 25:7
b) He died “in a good old age,
an old man and full of years” Genesis 25:8a
c) He was gathered to his people Genesis 25:8b

2. The Burial of Abraham

a) Isaac and Ishmael buried him Genesis 25:9
i) They were already adults
ii) The past juvenile behaviour
was no more
b) At the cave of Machpelah
i) Before Mamre
ii) In the field of Ephron
the son of Zohar the Hittite Genesis 25:9
iii) Which Abraham purchased
from the sons of Heth Genesis 25:10a
iv) He was buried where
Sarah had been buried earlier Genesis 25:10b

Hebrews 11:8-12

1. By faith

a) He obeyed Hebrews 11:8a
b) He went out, not knowing
where he was going Hebrews 11:8b

2. By faith

a) He dwelt in the land of promise
as in a foreign country Hebrews 11:9a
b) Dwelling in tents Hebrews 11:9b
i) With Isaac and Jacob
ii) The heirs with him
of the same promise
iii) He waited for the city Hebrews 11:10a
which has foundations
iv) Whose builder and maker is God Hebrews 11:10b


1. Not every aspect of our life may be outstanding

a) There may be sins
b) There may be setbacks

2. But the aspect of Faith in God

a) That should be the Feature of our life
b) Let there be a greater Focus on Faith in our life