12 June 2021

Youth Worship 12th June 2021 : “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”

Youth Worship 12th June 2021 : “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”
Text: Genesis 18: 1-15

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Focus on Faith

Message Notes


Call to Worship Pastor Charles Tan

Opening Prayer

Scripture Text: Genesis 18:1-15

Message: “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”

Speaker: Pastor Charles Tan

Closing Prayer

YOUTH WORSHIP 12 June 2021
Text: Genesis 18
Title: “Is anything too hard for the LORD?”


1. Recall the Times when God reached out to Abram/Abraham

a) A word from God
“Now the LORD had said to Abram” Genesis 12:1
b) Appearance/Manifestation
“Then the LORD appeared to Abram and said” Genesis 12:7
c) A vision
“After these things the word of the LORD came
to Abram in a vision” Genesis 15:1
d) Appearance/Manifestation
“The LORD appeared to Abram and said to him” Genesis 17:12

2. A Variety of ways and means

a) Undisclosed means of communication
i) A consciousness
ii) A thought
b) But the constant was the Word of the Lord
c) This may be seen as a “message” from God

3. Despite all that God has done

a) The problem of unbelief persists
b) Abraham struggled with this difficulty
c) Sarah struggled with this problem too

4. God desires to help us overcome the problem of unbelief
He wants us to have a clearer and stronger faith!


1. The LORD appeared to Abram at Mamre Genesis 18:1a

a) This was a record of a physical appearance
b) The other times may not have been physical/ literal appearances
c) Nevertheless, those words from the LORD were real and true

2. Abram was sitting at his tent door in the heat of the day Genesis 18:1b

a) “The heat of the day”
It can be very hot!
b) Sitting at his tent door
Wisely so


1. Three men were approaching his tent

2. Seeing the Heavenly Visitors

a) “He lifted his eyes and looked” Genesis 18:2a
b) “And behold, three men were standing by him” Genesis 18:2b

3. Greeting the Heavenly Visitors

a) “He ran to them” Genesis 18:2c
b) “He bowed himself to them” Genesis 18:2d


1. Appropriate Greeting of the LORD
“My Lord” Genesis 18:3a

2. Humility expressed

a) “If I have now found favour in Your sight” Genesis 18:3b
b) “Do not pass on by Your servant” Genesis 18:3c
c) These words were genuinely said

3. Offer of Service

a)Refreshing Rest
i) “Please let a little water be brought
and wash your feet” Genesis 18:4a
ii) “And rest yourselves under the tree” Genesis 18:4b
b) Some food
“And I will bring a little morsel of bread,
“That you may refresh your hearts” Genesis 18:5a
“After that you may pass by,
inasmuch as you have come to your servant” Genesis 18:5b

4. Response from the LORD
“Do as you have said” Genesis 18:5c

 a) Acceptance
b) Appreciation


1. Alerting Sarah

“Quickly, make ready three measures
of fine meal” Genesis 18:6a

“Knead it and make cakes” Genesis 18:6b

2. Abraham’s personal attention

“He ran to the herd” Genesis 18:7a

“Took a tender and good calf” Genesis 18:7b

“Gave it to a young man,
And he hastened to prepare it” Genesis 18:7c

3. Personal Service

“So he took butter and milk” Genesis 18:8a

b) “And the calf which he had prepared
and set it before them” Genesis 18:8b
c) “And he stood by them under the tree
as they ate” Genesis 18:8c


1. Polite and genuine Inquiry about the family

“Where is Sarah your wife?” Genesis 18:9a

2. Abraham’s reply

“Here, in the tent” Genesis 18:9b

3. A blessing promised

a) Another visit
“I will certainly return to you
according to the time of life” Genesis 18:10a
b) A son promised
“Sarah, your wife shall have a son” Genesis 18:10b

4. Sarah

a) “Sarah was listening in the tent door
which was behind him” Genesis 18:10c
b) Comment
“Now Abraham and Sarah were old,
well-advanced in age;
and Sarah had passed the age of childbearing” Genesis 18:11
c) Sarah laughed
“Therefore Sarah laughed within herself, saying,
‘After I have grown old, shall I have pleasure,
My lord being old also?’” Genesis 18:12


1. A question

“Why did Sarah laugh, saying,
‘Shall I surely bear a child, since I am old?’” Genesis 18:13

2. Another question

“Is anything too hard for the LORD?” Genesis 18:14a

3. The next visit

“At the appointed time I will return to you,
according to the time of life,
and Sarah shall have a son.’” Genesis 18:14b

4. Sarah’s protest

a) Denial
“But Sarah denied it, saying,
‘I did not laugh’” Genesis 18:15a
b) Fear
“For she was afraid” Genesis 18:15b

5. The LORD’s insistence

a) He was, of course, right
b) He was the Omniscient LORD
i) He heard her
ii) He knew what she said (though not recorded)


1. God’s Communion with His children

a) He will communicate in different ways
b) He will send a word now and then to us

2. Our Part

a) To cultivate knowledge
b) To develop sensitivity
c) To make appropriate response to the Lord

3. God’s Desire

a) To help us overcome our Unbelief
b) He wants us to know that there is nothing too hard for the LORD