03 December 2017

SSS4 : Epistle to the Romans : Lesson 34

SSS4 : Epistle to the Romans : Lesson 34
Text: Romans 6

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Epistle to the Romans

Message Notes

What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? (Roman 6:1)

What then? Shall we sin because we are not under law but under grace? Certainly not! (Romans 6:15)

1. Presentation of self (Romans 6:15)

a) To offer oneself
b) To yield oneself

2. Presenting oneself as a slave (Romans 6:16)

a) To sin
But it leads to death
b) To obedience
And it leads to righteousness

3. Looking back (Romans 6:17)

a) Once a slave
b) But there was obedience from the heart
c) To the doctrine (the gospel) that was preached
d) Thank God for salvation that came from the gospel

4. Result of coming to faith (Romans 6:18)

a) Set free from sin
b) Became slaves of righteousness

5. Speaking in human terms (Romans 6:19)

a) Because of the weakness of the flesh
b) Once… presentation of self as slaves of uncleanness
c) Lawlessness leads to more lawlessness
d) Challenge: Present your members as slaves of righteousness
e) This will lead to holiness

6. Fruits 1 (Romans 6:20-21)

a) When one is a slave of sin there is no righteousness
b) What fruit is there to be proud of? There is shame instead
c) The end is death!

7. Fruits II (Romans 6:22)

a) Having been set free from sin
b) Having become slaves of God
c) There is fruit to holiness
d) The end- everlasting life

8. Wages versus Gift

a) Wages of sin- Death
b) Gift of God- Eternal Life