01 December 2019

SSS4 : Epistle to the Hebrews : Lesson 29

SSS4 : Epistle to the Hebrews : Lesson 29
Text: Hebrews 7:4-10

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Epistle to the Hebrews

Message Notes


1. Consider how great this man was (Hebrews 7:4a)

2. Abraham gave to Melchizedek a tenth of the spoils (Hebrews 7:4b)


1. The sons of Levi, the priests

a) They have a commandment from God
b) They are to receive a tithe from the people
c) They are brethren, all from the loins of Abraham (Hebrews 7:5)

2. Melchizedek

a) He was not from the loins of Abraham
b) He received a tithe from Abraham
c) He gave to Abraham a blessing (Hebrews 7:6)

3. Principle/ Truth

a) The lesser is blessed by the better (Hebrews 7:7)
b) Beyond all contradiction
c) Much profundity in this statement

4. Mortal men receives tithes (Levites receiving tithes) (Hebrews 7:8a)

5. Melchizedek received tithes instead (Hebrews 7:8b)

6. Levi (Levites) receive tithes,

a) Yet he paid tithes through Abraham, so to speak (Hebrews 7:9)
b) He was still in the loins of his father
i) Abraham
ii) Isaac
iii) Jacob
iv) Levi… one of the 12 sons of Jacob