16 April 2018

The Salvation of the Lord

The Salvation of the Lord
Text: Psalm 20

Rev. Mark Tan

Message Notes


1. The word “salvation” in the Psalms

a) Deliverance in the day of trouble
b) Divine action different from mere human activity
c) Direct intervention of God in answer to prayer

2. Prayer for “salvation” in the day of trouble   (Psalm 20:1)

a) Defence   (Psalm 20:1)
b) Help   (Psalm 20:2)
c) Strength   (Psalm 20:2)

3. Rejoicing in God’s “salvation”   (Psalm 20:5)

a) Setting up banners   (Psalm 20:5)
i) Flags of joy
ii) Flags of victory
b) Anticipation and celebration of victory

4. Confidence in the salvation for the Lord’s anointed   (Psalm 20:6)

a) Now I know   (Psalm 20:6)
b) God will answer   (Psalm 20:6)
i) From His holy heaven (sanctuary, Zion)   (Psalm 20:2)
ii) With strength of His right hand   (Psalm 20:6)

5. Observations

a) Some trust in chariots   (Psalm 20:7)
b) Some trust in horses   (Psalm 20:7)
c) They have bowed down and fallen   (Psalm 20:7)

6. Personal Faith

a) Remembering the name of the LORD our God   (Psalm 20:8)
b) But we have risen and stand upright   (Psalm 20:8)

7. Praying to the LORD

a) Save, LORD!   (Psalm 20:9)
b) May the King answer us when we call   (Psalm 20:9)
c) Review Key Phrases: Psalm 20
i) May the LORD
ii) The salvation of the LORD