12 February 2018

Extolling God

Extolling God
Text: Psalm 18:31-36

Rev. Dr. Charles Tan

Message Notes

1. Extolling God   (Psalm 18:31)

a) Burst of spontaneous praise
b) Wholesome emotional outburst

2. Explanation of the Spontaneous Outburst of Praise to God

a) Strength
It is God who arms me with strength   (Psalm 18:32a)
b) Way of Life
And makes my way perfect   (Psalm 18:32b)
i) Clear
ii) Certain
Make Your way straight before my face   (Psalm 5:6)
c) Feet
i) He makes my feet like the feet of deer   (Psalm 18:33a)
ii) And sets me on my high places   (Psalm 18:33b)
iii) Habakkuk 3:19
iv) Sure-footed
v) Strength
d) War
i) He teaches my hands to make war   (Psalm 18:34a)
ii) So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze   (Psalm 18:34b)
iii) Strength
iv) Skill
e) Shield
i) You have also given me the shield of salvation   (Psalm 18:35a)
ii) Shield (protection)   (Psalm 3:3)
f) Upheld
i) Your right hand has held me up   (Psalm 18:35b)
ii) God upholds from birth   (Psalm 71:6)
g) Enlarged path
i) You enlarged my path under me
so that my feet did not slip   (Psalm 18:36)
ii) You have set my feet in a wide space   (Psalm 31:8)