12 September 2021

Sunday Worship 12 September 2021 : "The Fruit of the Spirit: Joy"

Sunday Worship 12 September 2021 : "The Fruit of the Spirit: Joy"
Text: Galatians 5:22-23; John 15, 16; Philippians

Rev Charles Tan
The Fruit of the Spirit

Message Notes


1. The Experience of Joy

a) Normal part of human experience
i) In victory
ii) In blessings
b) Features
i) Spontaneous
ii) Momentary
iii) Real
c) Many examples in the Scriptures
i) Crossing the Red Sea   (Exodus 15)
ii) Answered prayer   (Psalm 30)
“Joy comes in the morning”   Psalm 30:5c

2. The Fruit of Joy

a) This too is an experience of Joy
b) But it is different for it is actually a fruit of the Holy Spirit


1. The roots are to be traced to the Teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ

2. Needed Correction of the Seventy

a) The Lord Jesus had sent out a team of 70   (Luke 10:1)
b) They found joy in their success   (Luke 10:17)
c) Correction needed
i) Momentary Joy
“Do not rejoice in this,
that the spirits are subject to you”   Luke 10:20a
ii) Permanent Joy
“But rather rejoice because your names
Are written in heaven”   Luke 10:20b

3. When Sorrow will turn into Joy

a) The Death of the Lord Jesus
i) This would bring sorrow
ii) But that sorrow would not last
“Your sorrow will be turned into joy”   John 16:20c
b) The Resurrection-Visit of the Lord
i) Seeing the Disciples again
“I will see you again”   John 16:22a
ii) A joy that cannot be taken away
“And your heart will rejoice,
And your joy no one will take from you”   John 16:22b
c) Fulness of Joy
i) To be found in prayer
“Ask, and you will receive”   John 16:24a
ii) Fulness
“That your joy may be full”   John 16:24b
d) Good cheer
“Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world”   John 16:33


1. Joyful amidst great suffering

a) The Apostle Paul and Silas imprisoned in Philippi
b) They were “praying and singing hymns to God”   (Acts 16:25)

2. The fruit of Joy in Paul’s life and ministry

a) Praying with Joy   (Philippians 1:4)
b) Rejoicing in all circumstances   (Philippians 1:18)
i) People against Paul
ii) People for him   (Philippians 1:14-18)
c) Joy in life
i) Progress
ii) Joy of faith   (Philippians 1:25)
d) The practice of Joy
i) Rejoicing till the Lord returns
“That I may rejoice in the day of Christ”   Philippians 2:16
ii) Rejoicing together
“Be glad and rejoice with me”   Philippians 2:18
iii) Rejoicing in the Lord   (Philippians 3:1; 4:4)
“Rejoice in the Lord always.
Again I will say, rejoice!”   Philippians 4:4
iv) Rejoicing in care shown
“I rejoice in the Lord greatly
That now at last your care for me
Has flourished again”   Philippians 4:10


1. Fruit begins with a seed that is sown

a) The seed
i) The word
ii) Faith’s response to the word of God
b) It grows
i) Good ground   (Mark 4:20a)
ii) “Those who hear the word, accept it”   (Mark 4:20b)
iii) And bear fruit   (Mark 4:20c)

2. The work of the Spirit of God is special

a) We can be filled with the Spirit   (Ephesians 5:18)
b) Features of being filled with the Spirit
i) Filled with spiritual songs
“Speaking to one another
in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs”   Ephesians 5:19a
ii) Melody in the heart
“Making melody in your heart
to the Lord”   Ephesians 5:19b
iii) Thanksgiving
“Giving thanks always for all things”   Ephesians 5:20