02 December 2018

My Spirit Has Rejoiced in the Lord

My Spirit Has Rejoiced in the Lord
Text: Luke 1:46-55

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Rev Mark Tan & Student-Pastor Eugene Seow
Rejoiced With Exceedingly Great Joy

Message Notes


1. A child’s Joy

a) Short-lived and transient
b) But it is still valid, true and of some value

2. Natural Joy

a) Food
b) Family
c) Fun
d) Achievements

3. A joy that comes from the spirit of a person

a) This is rarer
b) But possible and desirable


1. It was in Mary

a) A young lady
b) Of humble origins
c) But one who was found faithful and true

2. How did this joy come about?

a) It was not there originally
b) Not even when the angel Gabriel made a special announcement to her
c) Not even when she accepted what the angel Gabriel said to her

3. Features of a joy of the spirit

a) It is located in the Lord
“My soul magnifies the Lord
My spirit has rejoiced in God my Saviour”   Luke 1:46-47
b) It is to be found in depth of understanding of God’s blessings
i) Consciousness of lowly state… a handmaiden
ii) Consciousness of the greatness of God
c) It is further supported by a deeper understanding of God’s work
i) Consciousness of the mighty work that God was doing in her life
ii) Consciousness of the great mercy God has bestowed
iii) Consciousness of the strength of God shown
d) It is found in a deeper comprehension of how God was fulfilling His covenant promise to Abraham and to Israel
i) Promise
ii) Fulfilment