15 March 2018

Family Camp 2018 : Evening Message 5 : “The LORD of hosts, Him you shall hallow”

Text: Isaiah 7-8
Rev Dr Charles Tan
Walk in the Light of the LORD

Message Notes

FAMILY CAMP 11-16 March 2018 “Walk in the Light of the LORD”

EVENING DEVOTIONS Thursday, 15 March 2018 Text: Isaiah 7-8 Title: “The LORD of hosts, Him you shall hallow”

1. The Commencement of Ministry for Isaiah (Isaiah 7:1-9)

a) Sent to speak to King Ahaz (Isaiah 7:3)
b) He is to bring his son, Shear Jashub (Isaiah 7:3) (A remnant will return)

2. The LORD’s first word to King Ahaz

a) Take heed, and be quiet Do not fear or be fainthearted (Isaiah 7:4-9)
b) The enemies of Judah
i) Syria
ii) Israel

3. Exercising of faith is Important If you will not believe, Surely you shall not be established (Isaiah 7:10)

4. The LORD’s second word to King Ahaz (Isaiah 7:10-11)

a) He may ask for a sign from the LORD
b) In the depth or in the height above

5. King Ahaz’s rejection (Isaiah 7:12-13)

a) Polite words used
b) But God saw through his empty words

6. The Sign of the Virgin Birth (Isaiah 7:14)

a) The sign of the Messiah
b) His name – Immanuel

7. Prophecy Concerning Assyria (Isaiah 7:15-25)

a) When would this prophecy come to pass?
i) Soon
ii) Before the son (Shear Jashub) can know the difference between good and evil (Isaiah 7:15)
b) Syrian kingdom destroyed by the Assyrians in 732 BC
c) Pekah king of Israel was assassinated
i) Hoshea became the last king of Israel (2 Kings 16)
ii) Destruction of Israel (the Northern Kingdom) in 722 BC (2 Kings 17)
d) Assyria will humble King Ahaz (2 Kings 16; Isaiah 7:17-25)
i) Assyria will come
ii) He will be like a hired barber
iii) Great hardship will come upon the land

8. God’s Word about the Two enemy Kingdoms that worried King Ahaz

a) Syria (Isaiah 8:1-5)
b) Israel (Isaiah 8:6-10)

9. God’s word to Isaiah- Personal Instruction (Isaiah 8:11-15)

a) Do not be afraid… nor be troubled
b) Fear only the LORD
c) Hallow Him
d) He will be a sanctuary
e) A stone of stumbling and a rock of offense
i) To unbelieving Israel
ii) And unbelieving Judah

10. Isaiah’s Wise Response (Isaiah 8:16-19)

a) I will wait on the LORD
b) I will hope in Him
c) Here am I and the children whom the LORD has given me
d) We are for signs and wonders from the LORD of hosts Who dwells in Mount Zion
e) Disciples
i) Bind up the testimony
ii) Seal the law among my disciples

10. God’s word concerning the Mediums and Wizards Rejection of false ways (Isaiah 8:19)

a) The mediums
b) The wizards
c) Seeking the dead (necromancy)

11. Obvious reason There is NO LIGHT in them (Isaiah 8:20)

12. If there is pursuit of false ways (Isaiah 8:21-22)

a) The people will suffer
b) They will be hard-pressed and hungry
c) They will be enraged
d) They will curse the king and God
e) There will be trouble and darkness, gloom and anguish- driven to darkness!



a) Special servants raised
b) Word of revelation
c) Relevant
d) Significant


a) To teach
b) To instruct
c) To rebuke
d) To warn
e) To inspire

3. WALKING WITH THE LORD- OLD TESTAMENT The Concept of Walking with the Lord

a) The first mention of someone walking with God was Enoch (Genesis 5:21-24)
b) Noah was another individual who walked with God (Genesis 6:9)
These two men who lived in the Antediluvian period were especially noted because they “walked with God.”

4. WALKING WITH THE LORD- NEW TESTAMENT This Concept was also used in the New Testament

a) The invitation from the Lord Jesus to His disciples to “follow Him” had the following nuances: -
i) To walk following after the Lord
ii) To walk with Him
b) This concept was applied by the Apostle Paul in the following ways: -
i) Walk in love as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us (Ephesians 5:2)
ii) Walk as children of light (Ephesians 5:8)
iii) Walk circumspectly (in wisdom) (Ephesians 5:15)

5. THEOCRACY The Interpretation of the period of the Kings (1 and 2 Kings; 1 and 2 Chronicles)

a) The Doctrine of Theocracy
b) Theocracy simply means “Rule by God” (Where God is the Ruler/ King)
i) It is the LORD who raised up Moses and Aaron (1 Samuel 12:6)
ii) The LORD and His deeds from Jacob to Samuel (1 Samuel 12:7-11)
iii) The LORD was your King (1 Samuel 12:12)
c) The response of the people
i) Pray for your servants that we may not die
ii) We have added to all our sins the evil of asking for a king for ourselves (1 Samuel 12:19)
d) Grace and mercy extended
i) You have done all this wickedness (1 Samuel 12:20)
ii) Yet do not turn aside from following the LORD (1 Samuel 12:20)
iii) But serve the LORD with all your heart (1 Samuel 12:20)
iv) Only fear the LORD, and serve Him in truth will all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you (1 Samuel 12:24)


a) Judgment
b) Punishment
c) Justice of the Lord upheld
d) The LORD will be exalted even in Judgment

7. THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN/ KINGDOM OF GOD The Kingdom of Heaven that the Lord Jesus proclaimed

a) It is essentially “Theocracy”
b) The fulfilment will be in the Millennial Kingdom that will be established when the Lord returns in the Second Coming

8. Essentials in the Kingdom of heaven/ Kingdom of God (Not at all different from the Old Testament emphasis)

a) Recognition of the Lord as King
b) Following the Lord
c) Serving Him in truth with all the heart
d) Fear of the Lord

9. Kingdom of Heaven/ God in a nutshell (Cf. The Epistle to the Romans)

a) Sin problem answered by the Lord (Romans 1-3)
b) Salvation- By grace through faith (Romans 4-5)
c) Sanctification- (Romans 6-7)
d) Spirit of God indwells and empowers (Romans 8)
e) Serving the Lord appropriately (Romans 12-16)