13 March 2018

Family Camp 2018 : Walk in the Light of the Lord : Morning Bible Study 3

Message Notes

MORNING BIBLE STUDY Tuesday, 13 March 2018 Sessions # 3 and # 4

1. The Rule of the Kingdom of Israel

a) The LORD God was meant to be their Ruler
i) He ruled through the Laws He gave to Moses
ii) He ruled through the priests He gave
b) The rule of the Judges
i) The precursor of the kings
ii) Their immediate concern was the defence of the nation
iii) There was little teaching of the Word of God
c) The rise of the Monarchy
i) Saul (1 Samuel 9-31)
ii) David (1 Samuel 16-24)
iii) Solomon (1 Kings 1-11)
iv) Rehoboam (1 Kings 12)
d) The Divided Kingdom
i) The Northern Kingdom- Israel King Jeroboam I (1 Kings 12)
ii) The Southern Kingdom- Judah (1 Kings 12)

2. Laws/ Principles for Kings

a) Mosaic Law (Deuteronomy 17:14-19)
i) Prophecy of the wishes of the people to have a king (Deuteronomy 17:14)
ii) It must be a king that God chooses (Deuteronomy 17:15)
iii) He must be from among the brethren (Deuteronomy 17:15)
iv) Never a foreigner (Deuteronomy 17:15)
v) He shall not multiply horses (Deuteronomy 17:16)
vi) He shall not return to Egypt (Deuteronomy 17:16)
vii) He shall not multiply wives His heart will be turned by the wives (Deuteronomy 17:17)
viii) He shall not multiply silver/ gold (Deuteronomy 17:17)
ix) He shall write a copy of the law for himself (Deuteronomy 17:18)
x) He shall read it all the days of his life (Deuteronomy 17:18)
xi) He is to learn how to fear the LORD (Deuteronomy 17:19)
xii) He is to observe the Law (Deuteronomy 17:19)
xiii) His heart is not to be lifted up above the brethren (Deuteronomy 17:20)
xiv) He is not to turn aside from the Law (Deuteronomy 17:20)
b) Promise of blessing from the LORD (Deuteronomy 17:20; Psalm 21)

3. The Greatest King Israel ever had- David

a) He established the Kingdom reigning for 40 years (2 Samuel 5-8)
b) God preserved David (2 Samuel 8:14)
c) He brought back the Ark of God to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 6)
d) God gave to David a Covenant (2 Samuel 7; Psalm 89)
e) His word to Solomon to build a Temple (1 Chronicles 22, 28)
f) Structuring the Priestly- Levitical Order (1 Chronicles 23-26)
g) Structure of the Army (1 Chronicles 27)
h) Provision for the Temple (1 Chronicles 29)

4. The Failure of many kings (A summary- 2 Kings 17:7-23) Similar to the problems As in the days of the Judges

a) They sinned against the LORD their God (2 Kings 17:7)
b) They feared other gods (2 Kings 17:7)
c) Walked in the statutes of other nations (2 Kings 17:8)
d) Secretly did against the LORD the things that were not right (2 Kings 17:9)
e) Idolatry was rampant (2 Kings 17: 9-11)
f) Served idols (2 Kings 17:12)

5. The Rise of the Prophets

a) God raised up His servants the prophets (2 Kings 17:13)
b) They were also called seers (2 Kings 17:13)
c) Their consistent message: - (2 Kings 17:13)
i) Turn from your evil ways (2 Kings 17:13)
ii) Keep My commandments/ statutes (2 Kings 17:13)

6. Inappropriate response of the people

a) They would not hear (2 Kings 7:14)
b) But stiffened their necks (2 Kings 7:14)
c) Did not believe in God (2 Kings 17:14)
d) Rejected His statutes (2 Kings 17:15)
e) Rejected His covenant (2 Kings 17:15)
f) Rejected His testimonies (2 Kings 17:15)
g) Followed idols (2 Kings 17:15)
h) Left all the commandments of God (2 Kings 17:16)
i) Worshipped the hosts of heaven (2 Kings 17:16)
j) Sacrifices their children (2 Kings 17:17)
k) Practised witchcraft (2 Kings 17:17)
l) Sold themselves to do evil (2 Kings 17:17)
m) Provoked God to anger (2 Kings 17:17)

7. The nation of Judah (2 Kings 17:19-23)

a) Judah did not keep the commandments of God (2 Kings 17:19)
b) Walked in the statutes of Israel (2 Kings 17:19)

8. Punishment

a) The LORD rejected all the descendants of Israel (2 Kings 17:20)
b) He afflicted them (2 Kings 17:20)
c) Delivered them into the hand of the plunderers (2 Kings 17:20)
d) Until He cast them out of His sight (2 Kings 17:20)
e) Israel was conquered by Assyria (2 Kings 17:23)
f) Judah was conquered by the Babylonians (2 Chronicles 36:15-21) (In captivity for 70 years)


1 Samuel 15:22-23

1. God prizes obedience above everything (including worship)

2. Rebellion is compared to the sin of witchcraft

3. Stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry

4. The danger of rejection of the word of the LORD