13 March 2018

Family Camp 2018 : Evening Message 3 : “The Light is Darkened by the Clouds”

Text: Isaiah 5
Rev Dr Charles Tan
Walk in the Light of the LORD

Message Notes

FAMILY CAMP 11-16 March 2018 “Walk in the Light of the LORD”

EVENING DEVOTIONS Tuesday, 13 March 2018 Text: Isaiah 5 Title: “The Light is Darkened by the Clouds”

1. A Song of my Beloved regarding His vineyard

a) Isaiah’s Song
b) He described the Lord as “Well-Beloved”
c) Deep sense of understanding of the Lord’s feelings about His Vineyard

2. Features of the Song (Isaiah 5:1-7)

a) The Owner’s Choice of Land A very fruitful land
b) Preparation of the Soil
i) Dug
ii) Cleared out the stones
c) Choice of the Vine The choicest Vine
d) Protection Built a tower in its midst
e) Anticipation Made a winepress in it
f) Expectation of harvest Good grapes
g) Solemn Reality Wild grapes

3. Explanation and Application of the Song (Isaiah 5:7-8) (Like a parable)

a) The vineyard of the LORD of hosts is the house of Israel
b) The men of Judah are His pleasant plant
c) He looked for Justice and righteousness (Good grapes)
d) Behold, oppression… a cry for help (from the oppressed) (Wild grapes)

4. Reasoning with the nation (Isaiah 5:3-4)

a) Addressing the inhabitants of Jerusalem and men of Judah
b) To judge Between God and His people
c) What more could have been done to the Vineyard that I have not done in it?
d) Why wild grapes instead of good grapes?

5. The Decision of the LORD (Isaiah 5:5-6)

a) Please let Me tell you what I will do to My vineyard
b) I will take away its hedge
c) It shall be burned
d) The walls will be broken down
e) It shall be trampled down
f) I will lay it waste
g) It shall not be pruned or dug
h) There shall come up thorns and briers
i) Divine command to the clouds- No rain to fall on the land

6. Seven prevalent sins of the nation Woes pronounced (Isaiah 5:8-23)

a) Woe to the covetous for wealth (Isaiah 5:8-10)
b) Woe to those who are drunkards (Isaiah 5:11-12)
c) Woe to sin brazenly and defiantly (Isaiah 5:18-19)
d) Woe to those who corrupt things (Isaiah 5:20)
e) Woe to the arrogant (Isaiah 5:21)
f) Woe to those who promote injustice (Isaiah 5:23)

7. Other serious and deadly sins

a) No regard for the works of the LORD (Isaiah 5:12)
b) No consideration of the operation of His hands (Isaiah 5:12)
c) No knowledge of God (Isaiah 5:13)
d) Mocking God’s prophecies (Isaiah 5:19)
e) Rejecting of the Law of the LORD (Isaiah 5:24)
f) Despising of the Word of the Holy One of Israel (Isaiah 5:24)

8. Consequences

a) Conquest by an Alien Army Isaiah (5:26-30)
b) Grim description of the Enemy
c) A sobering word
“Behold the darkness and sorrow, And the light is darkened by the clouds” (Isaiah 5:30)