12 March 2018

Family Camp 2018 : Evening Message 2 : “By the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning”

Text: Isaiah 3-4
Rev Dr Charles Tan
Walk in the Light of the LORD

Message Notes

FAMILY CAMP 11-16 March 2018 “Walk in the Light of the LORD”

EVENING DEVOTIONS Monday, 12 March 2018 Text: Isaiah 3-4 Title: “By the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning” Isaiah 4:4

1. The Judgment of the LORD of hosts

a) The people (Isaiah 3:13)
b) The elders of His people (Isaiah 3:14)
c) The princes (Isaiah 3:14)
d) The wicked (Isaiah 3:11)
e) Those who lead and err (Isaiah 3:12)
f) Those who destroy (Isaiah 3:12)

2. The Charges

a) The plunder of the poor (Isaiah 3:14)
b) Crushing of the people (Isaiah 3:15)
c) Grinding the faces of the poor (Isaiah 3:15)
d) The daughters of Zion are haughty (Isaiah 3:16-24)
e) Jerusalem stumbled (Isaiah 3:8)
f) Judah is fallen (Isaiah 3:8)
g) Their tongues against the LORD (Isaiah 3:8)
h) To provoke the eyes of His glory (Isaiah 3:8)
i) They declare their sin as Sodom (Isaiah 3:9)
j) They have brought evil upon themselves (Isaiah 3:9)

3. The Punishment of the nation

a) The LORD of hosts will take away (Isaiah 3:1-5, 18)
i) The stock and the store
ii) The supply of bread and water
iii) The mighty man and the man of war
iv) The judge and the prophet
v) The diviner and the elder
vi) The captain of fifty and the honourable man
vii) The counselor and the artisan
viii) The expert enchanter
ix) Against the haughty women (Isaiah 3:18-24)
b) In place of the above (Isaiah 3:12)
i) Children to be the princes
ii) Babes shall rule over them
iii) The people will be oppressed
iv) Women shall rule over them
iv) The child will be insolent toward the elder
v) The base toward the honourable
c) The consequences (Isaiah 3:25-26)
i) The men shall fall by the sword
ii) The mighty in the way
iii) Her gates shall lament and mourn
iv) She being desolate shall sit on the ground

4. By the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning (Isaiah 4:2-4)

a) Washing away the filth
b) Purging the blood of Jerusalem
c) By the spirit of judgment
d) By the spirit of burning

5. A New Creation (Isaiah 4:5-6)

a) The LORD will create above Mount Zion
b) A covering
i) A cloud and smoke by day
ii) The shining of a flaming fire by night
iii) Over the glory will be a covering
iv) A tabernacle for shade in the day time
v) A place of refuge
vi) A shelter from storm and rain

6. The BRANCH of the LORD (Isaiah 4:2)

a) Beautiful and glorious
b) The Messianic Hope

7. The Beneficiaries

a) The righteous, it shall be well with them (Isaiah 3:10)
b) They will eat the fruit of their doings (Isaiah 3:10)
c) The holy (Isaiah 4:3)