09 June 2019

I Will Certainly Be With You

I Will Certainly Be With You
Text: Exodus 3

Rev Mitchell Tan
The Presence of God

Message Notes


1. The initial problem of doubts

a. Fearful of Pharaoh   (Exodus 3:13)
b. Self doubt   (Exodus 3:13)
c. Personal inadequacies   (Exodus 4:13)
d. Absence of the experiences of the presence of God

2. The persisting problem of doubts

a. After the Lord spoke to Moses, he had some courage
b. The problem of doubt arose again
i. The refusal of Pharaoh   (Exodus 5:2)
ii. The further workload given the people to do   (Exodus 5:6-14)
iii. The leaders of Israel were angry with Moses   (Exodus 5:20)
iv. Moses doubted and feared again   (Exodus 5:22)


1. The repeated promise of His presence

a. Past promise of His presence
i. Isaac – Genesis 26:3
ii Jacob – Genesis 33:3
b. The personal promise of His presence
“I will certainly be with you…”   Exodus 3:12
i. Sureness of His presence
ii. Sufficiency of His presence
c. The repeated promise of His presence in terms of His sovereignty and power   (Exodus 6:6-8)
i. I will bring you out
ii. I will rescue you
iii. I will redeem you
iv. I will take you as my people
v. I will be your God
vi. I will bring you into the land

2. The repeated demonstration and impact of His power (Exodus 4 -10)

a. Turning the rod into a snake
b. Turning the hand leprous
c. Turning water into blood
d. Bringing frogs through the land
e. Bringing lice throughout the land
f. Bringing flies through the land and the list goes on

3. The ridding of doubts completely

a. As Moses saw the power of the Lord repeatedly
b. As Moses recognised the greatness of God and His power
c. Moses was rid of his doubts completely
d. He was free from doubts


1. Have faith in God

a. Appreciate the great power of the Lord   (Psalm 105:26-46)
b. Being assured that the Lord keeps His promises   (Psalm 105:42)

2. Seek the Lord and His strength   (Psalm 105:4)

3. Seek His face forever   (Psalm 105:4 )

4. Hope in the Lord   (Psalm 78:7)