10 October 2021

Sunday Message for the Bilingual Brethren - 10 October 2021 : Genuineness of Faith

Sunday Message for the Bilingual Brethren - 10 October 2021 : Genuineness of Faith
Text: 1 Peter 1:6-7

Intern-Pastor Jonathan Jacob
Blessed be God

Message Notes


1. For the past 5 weeks, we have been studying 1 Peter 1:1-5

2. Contained within this passage is wonderful content of our faith

a) Who God is
b) What God has done to give us salvation

3. Amidst persecution, Peter was still able to bless God because of his faith in God   (1 Peter 1:3)


1. Reasons why the pilgrims could rejoice greatly in God   (1 Peter 1:6a)

a) His abundant mercy
b) The hope which He gives
c) The inheritance He gives
d) His keeping

2. Faith in God was able to bring them tremendous joy even when they faced tough times


1. The content of our faith may bring much joy, but life’s reality is that there will be problems

2. Trials in our lives grieve us   (1 Peter 1:6b)

a) Trials are the harsh circumstances we encounter in life
b) They come in various types and degrees of seriousness
c) Even though it was only for a little while, the trials of the pilgrims grieved them

3. Remaining joyful despite being persecuted for faith

a) This was something the Lord Jesus taught   (cf. Matthew 5:10-12; Luke 6:22-23)
b) This was something Peter practised when he was imprisoned   (cf. Acts 4-5)
c) The greatness of joy which comes from faith can overcome the trials which grieve us


1. Peter wrote to help the pilgrims understand a couple of things about trials

a) Trials were necessary if they were in God’s will   (1 Peter 1:6b)
b) The purpose of trials was to test their faith to see if it was genuine

2. The value of genuine faith   (1 Peter 1:7b)

a) It is much more precious than gold
b) After it is tested through fire and all that is impure is taken away, it is found to be
i. Praiseworthy
ii. Honoured by the Lord Jesus
iii. Glorious… reflecting the glory of the Lord


1. The content of our faith

a) This is found in the Bible and it is absolutely certain
b) This can bring great joy to our hearts

2. The faith which we have and practise

a) This will be tested through trials of life
b) Only through testing would we know if the faith we have is indeed genuine

3. Approaching problems in life with faith

a) Let us grow in our understanding and faith in God
b) Let us hold fast to our faith in God when we encounter problems in life
c) Let us look forward to having a faith which is found to praise, honour, and glory