16 August 2020

Sunday School Special : Lesson 21

Sunday School Special : Lesson 21
Text: Luke 16:1-31

Rev Dr Charles Tan
Sunday School Special

Message Notes


Text: Luke 16

Subject: Money Matters II

(Luke 16:1-13)

1. This was not well-received by the Pharisees

2. A brief description of them and their response:

a) They were lovers of money
b) They derided the Lord Jesus
i) They disagreed with Him
ii) They mocked Him
iii) They ridiculed Him

(Luke 16:15)

1. Justification before God

a) To be imputed with righteousness
b) To be made righteous
c) To live righteously

2. Justification before men

a) They were not concerned about justification from God
b) They were only concerned about justifying themselves before men
i) They wanted to appear righteous
ii) Even if they were not righteous

3. God’s omniscience

a) God knew their hearts
b) They may fake righteousness before men
c) But not before God

4. Two different perspectives

a) Man’s perspective
i) Money is highly esteemed 
ii) Money is loved for its own sake
b) God’s perspective
i) Money is not esteemed at all
ii) It is an abomination in the sight of God if it is worshiped as Mammon

(Luke 16:16-18)

1. The Law and the Prophets

a) The Law came first
i) God instructed Moses
ii) He then taught “The Law” to the children of Israel
b) The Prophets
i) God sent them to instruct Israel
ii) They sought to bring special messages from God
iii) They sought to bring backsliding Israel back to the Lord

2. The preaching about the kingdom of heaven

a) This was an important turning point 
b) The focus was the Kingdom of heaven
c) John was preparing the way for the Messiah (Mark 1:2)

3. People were pressing to enter into the kingdom of heaven

a) There were people who recognized their sinfulness
b) They repented and were baptised
c) They learned more about the kingdom of heaven from the Lord Jesus
d) There were some who became believers and they entered His Kingdom

4. There were those who were outside the kingdom of heaven

a) They were lovers of money
b) They sought justification from men
c) They abused the Law for their own purposes
i) They used the law to sue for divorce
ii) They did not show a proper regard for the Law
d) It was hard for these to enter into the kingdom of heaven


1. The word of God would never fail

a) Whether it is the law
b) The preaching of the prophets
c) The proclamation of John the Baptiser

2. There must be proper regard for the word of God

a) For the teachings of the Lord Jesus in this context
b) They may deride the Lord Jesus, but at the peril of their lives
c) They may justify themselves before men but the final judgment would come from God 

Luke 16:20-31)

1. Features of the Parable

a) A rich man
b) His lifestyle
i) He was clothed in purple
ii) He wore fine linen
iii) He ate sumptuously every day
c) A beggar called Lazarus
i) He was destitute
ii) He had to beg for a living
iii) He was covered with sores
iv) He was outside the gates of the rich man’s house
v) He looked forward to the crumbs that may fall off the table
vi) His “friends” were the dogs that licked his sores
d) Death came
i) To Lazarus
ii) To the rich man
e) The final state of Lazarus
i) The angels carried him to Abraham’s bosom
ii) He was in the kingdom of heaven
f) The final state of the rich man
i) He was in Hades
ii) He lifted up his eyes and saw Lazarus with Abraham
g) The plea of the rich man
i) He was tormented by fire
ii) He was terribly thirsty
iii) He asked for a drop of water
h) The reply of Abraham concerning the past
i) The rich man
He had everything good
ii) Lazarus
He only had evil things
i) Heaven or Hades
i) The final destination was not given consideration
ii) Lazarus was in the kingdom of God
iii) The rich man was in Hades
j) The Gulf between Heaven and Hades
i) There is a huge gulf
ii) There is no passage way
k) Another plea of the rich man
i) Send Lazarus to his five brothers
ii) They must be warned or they might end up in Hades too
l) Abraham’s reply
i) They have Moses (The Law)
ii) They also have the Prophets
iii) They have to do their part in reading the Scriptures
iv) They must give heed to them
m) The rich’s man further argument
i) He knew that his five brothers would not read the Scriptures
ii) They might repent if Lazarus went to them
n) Abraham’s final word
i) His reasoning was wrong
ii) If they would not heed the teachings of Moses
iii) If they would not heed the prophets
iv) They would not heed Lazarus even if he were to be sent to speak to them


1. The danger of loving money is highlighted (1 Timothy 6:10)

2. The love for Wealth

a) It blinds our sight concerning the kingdom of heaven
b) It hardens the heart so that it does not care for people
c) The ears become deaf to God speaking:
i) Through the Law
ii) Through the prophets
iii) Through special servants like John the Baptiser
iv) Through the Lord Jesus Christ

3. The consequences

They are deadly and they are irreversible!