03 January 2021

Sunday Message for the Bilingual Brethren - 10 January 2021 : "Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust"

Sunday Message for the Bilingual Brethren - 10 January 2021 : "Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust"
Text: Psalm 16

Intern-Pastor Eugene Seow
Sundays Online

Message Notes

Ministry: Pulpit Ministry 2021 Bilingual Worship
Date: 10 January
Speaker: Intern-Pastor Eugene Seow
Title: Preserve me, O God, for in You I put my trust
Text: Psalm 16


1. Beginning the new year 2021

a. 2020 had been a difficult year due to Covid-19
b. The problems in 2020 will not be totally resolved in 2021

2. An important focus as we begin 2021 – Prayer

a. An integral part of our Christian life
b. Cultivating our prayer life would help us face these challenges well

3. The Psalms – a wonderful source of learning about prayer

a. They feature a number of prayers from different writers
b. We can learn many lessons on prayer from the Psalms
c. Today, we will be learning some vital lessons about prayer from Psalm 16


1. A privilege given to God’s children

a. To talk to Him directly
b. To relate to Him personally
c. Something not to be taken for granted!

2. Psalm 16 – David’s relating to God in prayer

a. Use of “You” multiple times (Psalm 16:1, 2, 5, 10, 11)
b. Tells us David was talking to God directly
c. David understood this privilege to relate to God personally


1. Because we need help from God

a. We all have challenges to face in life
b. We need God’s help to face these challenges
c. Prayer is a wonderful way for us to request for help from God

2. Psalm 16 – David’s request for help from God in prayer

a. He asked God to preserve him (Psalm 16:1)
b. This prayer was likely driven by a difficult situation he was facing


1. Humility before God

a. An essential attitude in asking God for help
b. Vital in giving God the right regard in prayer
c. Psalm 16 – David’s humility before God in prayer
i. He declared that God was Lord over him (Psalm 16:2)
ii. He saw his goodness was nothing before God (Psalm 16:2)
iii. His humility was outstanding in light of the fact that he was a king!

2. A close relationship with God

a. Necessary to pray meaningfully to God
b. Enables us to have the right focus in prayer
c. Psalm 16 – David’s prayer stemmed from his close relationship with God
i. That God was his Lord (Psalm 16:2)
ii. That God was his portion in life (Psalm 16:5)
iii. That God was close to him, at his right hand (Psalm 16:8)
iv. His relationship with God helped him to have a right focus on God


1. Let us seek to appreciate the place of prayer

a. It is a wonderful privilege we have as children of God
b. It is the means by which we can seek God’s help

2. Let us seek to cultivate the following to pray well

a. Humility before God
b. A close relationship with God

3. This is how we can make our prayers to God

a. More personal
b. More meaningful