by Pastor Mitch
January 27, 2013

An Invitation To Those Who Labour And Are Heavy Burdened

Are you feeling burdened by the challenges and burdens of life? The Lord Jesus made a call for all who were feeling such to come to Him.

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden” 
Matthew 11:28

The word “come” is the same Greek word that Jesus used to call His disciples in the text of Matthew 4:19. It is an invitation meant for the people who were weary with life, exhausted with labor, and perhaps burdened by the man-made commandments of the religious leaders. He was calling them to come to Him, to know Him and to draw near to Him. Let’s also take up this invitation to readily come to the Lord and to exercise faith in Him. He wants to help us cope with the challenges of life.

Learning From The Lord Jesus

1. Learning To Take On The Lord’s Yoke

“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me” 
Matthew 11:29

“For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” 
Matthew 11:30

We are to learn to take on the yoke from the Lord Jesus. The yoke is often placed on an ox as it ploughs the land. Following the Lord and serving Him does not mean that there is no hard work. Because we learn from Him the truth of God, His yoke would be easier to bear. When our mind and heart have enlightened perspectives (Matthew 11:25) that are taught to us from God’s word, the burdens and challenges of life and ministry would not be burdensome. 1 John 5:3 states that when we understand what the love of God is, love Him and keep His commandments, they are not burdensome.

2. Learning The Humble Character Of The Lord

“For I am gentle and lowly in heart” 
Matthew 11:29

Another way that we can learn from the Lord is through the cultivating of character. Did you know the kind of character you have will determine how heavy the Lord’s yoke will feel on your shoulders? The Lord showed to His disciples that He is gentle and lowly in heart. He sought to labor for God with meekness of spirit and humbleness of heart. He learned to work very hard and bore very much because he had a humble character. Philippians 2:5-8 describes the lowly mindset of the Lord Jesus when he came to earth to serve mankind. The Lord Jesus took on the form of a bondservant and humbled himself to be obedient to the death. His humble character enabled him to take on a huge yoke of work. Let’s learn from the Lord to have a gentle and humble disposition in all that we do.

Finding Spiritual Rest For Our Soul

“And I will give you rest.” 
Matthew 11:28

“And you will find rest for your souls.” 
Matthew 11:29

When we come to the Lord and learn from Him, we will find special rest for our soul. There is the experience of soul rest. Salvation brings a special sense of peace to the heart when we believe in Christ.

The spirit is also refreshed and renewed in the Lord when we do things according to His ways. It does not mean that there is less work. Soul rest means that our spirits are revitalized in the Lord and we can cope and thrive in life and ministry. Let’s come to the Lord and learn from Him that we may find rest in Him.

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