The Building Of Bethany IV

by Pastor Mark
September 24, 2015

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These are exciting times

Last Sunday, we brought to a close the ministry of Bethany III. This week, we venture into the building of Bethany IV.

These are indeed exciting times. I was there to see the building of both Bethany II and Bethany III. Though these were more significant building projects, the building of Bethany IV is not in the least less exciting.

In fact, there is a great sense of anticipation as we begin the building of Bethany IV.

A personal understanding of the building of Bethany IV

What are some of my personal thoughts as we look ahead?

The great plan and work of God

  1. “O Lord, how great are Your works! Your thoughts are very deep.” (Ps 92:5)
  2. Every work of God is to be seen as great and nothing less.
  3. This is because for every work of God, there are deep thoughts behind each work.
  4. We see Bethany IV as a great work of God. We have thought through thoroughly and deeply as why we are building it. God has led us to see this as His awesome plan that we have begun to fulfil.

Thinking future 

  1. A key reason for us to build Bethany IV has to do with the future of Bethany. 
  2. There is a great need for more space in the sanctuary, for offices and meetings rooms
  3. The ministry of Bethany will continue to grow and we need to provide for the future…for the next generation. Let us look forward to extending the kingdom of God here in Bethany.

Deeply humbled and privileged

  1. Personally, I stand in awe and am deeply humbled that we are involved in this great work.
  2. It is a tremendous privilege that we are working together as one church doing the Lord’s work of building Bethany IV.
  3. There is indeed no greater joy and honour to be part of the Lord’s plans and work.

Preparing ourselves in prayer

Much preparation and adjustment will have to be made as we move to the Fellowship Hall for our worship services. Let us be prepared to do all we can to make the necessary adjustments and to look out for each other. Let us be much in prayer and to ask for the Lord’s grace and strength as we look ahead to seeing this great work unfold in the months ahead.


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