Shine As Lights In This World

by Pastor Mark
August 28, 2014

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Looking forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival Special

This Saturday, we will be having our Mooncake Festival Special. It is always great to be able to come together as a church with the purpose of reaching out to our elderly loved ones who still don’t know the Lord. Through the worship program and through the fellowship time, our joy is to share the gospel through various means, such as the many items that will be performed and the word that Pastor Charlie will be preaching.

I find so much joy in making friends with those who are new and just keeping in touch with those who come regularly for these events. We hope that through celebrating this festival as a church, our loved ones will realize that Christianity should not be seen just as a “western religion” but that we can have faith in the Lord Jesus and still appreciate our Chinese culture.

A light in the night sky

During this mooncake season, many will seek to admire the moon. Since young, I’ve always been fascinated with the moon. As a child, I used to take night walks with my family around Seletar Hills Estate. One thing that I would always look out for is the moon. Even till now, what stands out the most in the night sky wherever you are in the world, is the moon.

God created the moon to reflect light in the night…in the darkest times of a day. In the same way, we are to reflect the light of the Lord in the world of darkness.

Reflecting the light of the Lord

“In the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world,” (Phil 2:15)

The word “shine” is written in the present tense which is predominantly a linear concept. This means that shining as light is not just something that we switch on and switch off. The light that we have is real to us. It is the light of the Lord that has been given to us through the working of God in us. This light shines from our heart and comes forth through our life and good works. It is something that we reflect constantly…whether we are at work or at home. We continue to shine brightly reflecting the light of the Lord in the world of people who are in darkness.

As we seek to be light to our family members who still do not believe in the Lord, we hope that the light of the Lord will draw them out of the darkness into His marvelous light. Let us through this Mid-Autumn Festival Special, collectively as members of Bethany, seek to be light to our loved ones.

A personal testimony

Personally, I have seen how these special Chinese programs have been a source of blessing to my parents-in-law. Initially, they came for these Chinese programs. They got to know Pastor Charlie and many others in church each time they came. Many from church became light to them and they were drawn to the light through their good works. By the Lord’s light and grace, they are now worshipping with us here in Bethany. Let’s be encouraged to shine forth as light…for the light of the Lord can draw those who in darkness to Him…even when it is seemingly most difficult. I thought it was most challenging for my parents-in-law to come to the light but they did. Let’s look to the power of the light of the Lord to shine forth and draw all men to Him.

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