Bethany Kids Club

BKC is a 45-minute session after Children’s Worship where we introduce children to the Christian faith at a young age. With activities planned each week, we seek to introduce faith through Christian lives, both biblical and modern, for them to model. In addition, we also hope to provide ways through the activities for them to practise faith in their daily lives.

Furthermore, interaction between teachers and children allows us to get to know and understand them better. These bonds formed help us to reach out to them during difficult times.

BKC is currently in recess due to the renovation works in church. 



Teacher Debbie leading the children in a time of prayer at the end of BKC. Each week, we teach the children to ask that God will help us learn well. In moments like these, we also ask God to bless us and watch over us for the week ahead.

The BKC teachers sharing a bible story in the form of a mini sketch. It is through sketches like these that stories come to life for the children! This is something they look forward to all the time.

Teacher Hong Wee sharing with the children how we can all find everlasting joy in the Lord Jesus. Each week, the teachers at BKC seek to relate to the children by sharing their faith in different ways.