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Text: Matthew 16
2 April 2017


The Gospels were written to preserve the life-story and the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ! The author Matthew in his Gospel featured the following:

1. The Infancy narrative

The birth of Christ was carefully recorded.

2. The Public ministry of Jesus

a) Beginning with His baptism

b) The Temptations of Jesus

c) The teaching, preaching and healing ministry of Jesus Matthew 5-15

3. The focus of these chapters

a) Teachings about the Kingdom of heaven

b) A life of righteousness as people of the Kingdom of Heaven

c) Faith was needed and great faith was commended


The 16th Chapter of Matthew was pivotal in more ways than one. It was at Caesarea Philippi that the great confession of Peter was made,

“You are the Christ, the Son of the living God”      Matthew 16:16

It was also in this area, that the Lord Jesus began to inform His disciples and to instruct them about His impending suffering and death.

From that time, Jesus began to show to His disciples

That he must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things

From the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed,

And be raised the third day.      Matthew 16:21

1. Caesarea Philippi

a) This area was far away from Jerusalem

b) This city was named in honour of Caesar Augustus

c) It was dedicated to him by Philip the Tetrarch

d) This region was in the Golan Heights

e) This region was ruled by Philip the Tetrarch

2. Jerusalem

a) This was the capital of Judea

b) It was ruled by Herod Antipas in the days of Jesus

c) The opponents of Jesus were named

i) The Elders

ii) Chief priests

iii) Scribes

3. The suffering of the Lord Jesus

This was also prophesied! It is amazing to note that Jesus could describe so clearly and yet without a modicum of fear in His heart!

a) He must go to Jerusalem

b) And suffer many things

c) Be killed

d) And be raised on the third day!


Peter admired and loved his Master, the Lord Jesus Christ! With deep emotion, he took Jesus aside and rebuked Him for saying such things! Suffering and being killed were not things that Peter could understand, let alone accept!

“Far be it from You, Lord;

This shall not happen to You.”     Matthew 16:22

The Lord Jesus had to correct Peter firmly. He knew that this thought was planted in Peter’s mind by none other than Satan himself.

“Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me,

For you are not mindful of the things of God,

But the things of man.”               Matthew 16:23

 1. The human perspective

This does not like to consider suffering and death!

2. The Divine perspective

Suffering and death were part and parcel of God’s plan of redemption. It was through the suffering and death that Satan would be defeated (Hebrews 2:14)! Jesus would rise from the dead as proof that He has defeated the devil. There is life after death!

As we enter into the Easter season, let us once again, take time to ponder the significance of what Jesus came to do! He had come to bring us redemption! He is the Captain of our salvation! Let us never be afraid of suffering and death!