Daily Devotions


Day 29

Psalm 92:6a "A senseless man does not know..."

Day 29 – Psalm 92

“A senseless man does not know…” Psalm 92:6a


One good practice to cultivate on the Sabbath day is to take time to ponder the works of God. Not everyone can easily understand and appreciate the thoughts and the work of God.

“A senseless man does not know,
Nor does a fool understand this.
When the wicked spring up like grass,
And when all the workers of iniquity flourish,
It is that they may be destroyed forever.”
Psalm 92:6-7

1. Understanding why the wicked seem to flourish

a) It is difficult to understand why the wicked can spring up like grass.
b) It is difficult to comprehend why the workers of iniquity flourish.

2. Who will not be able to understand?

a) The senseless man
b) The fool

3. Understanding the deep thoughts of God

a) It is good and important to see things from God’s perspective.
b) God has His own thoughts as to why He allows the wicked and the iniquitous to flourish.
i) The life span of the wicked may indeed be compared to “grass”.
ii) Like grass, the life span of the wicked is very short!
iii) The wicked and the workers of iniquity will “flourish” for a very short while.

4. Understanding the works of God

a) God will work against the wicked.
b) It is well within His power and His prerogative to determine life-span.
c) The wicked will be destroyed forever.
d) They will not flourish forever!