Daily Devotions


Day 313

Psalm 88:16a "Your fierce wrath has gone over me..."

Day 313 – Psalm 88

“Your fierce wrath has gone over me…” Psalm 88:16a


Heman the Ezrahite contemplated many subjects in Psalm 88. The following may be highlighted:-

1. God Psalm 88:1

2. Prayer Psalm 88:2

3. Troubles in life Psalm 88:3

4. The grave Psalm 88:3-6

5. Sorrow Psalm 88:8-9

6. Unanswered prayer Psalm 88:13-14

7. The wrath of God Psalm 88:7

Once again, Heman writes about his problem of understanding God’s wrath.

“Your fierce wrath has gone over me;
Your terrors have cut me off.”
Psalm 88:16

1. “Your fierce wrath has gone over me”

a) God appeared to be wrathful.
b) His wrath was described as “fierce”.
c) The expression of the wrath of God had “gone over (him)”.

2. “Your terrors have cut me off”

a) Heman felt terror in his heart.
b) He could not fathom God’s actions.
c) He felt cut off completely.

3. What may be considered?

a) To hold fast to knowledge of God.
b) To hold fast to faith (over and against all odds).