Daily Devotions


Day 340

Psalm 71:22 "I will praise You..."

Day 340 – Psalm 71

“I will praise You…” Psalm 71:22


Making an appropriate response to God is most natural. The psalmist expressed his appropriate response in the following text.

“Also with the lute I will praise You-
And Your faithfulness, O my God!
To You I will sing with the harp,
O Holy One of Israel.”
Psalm 71:22

1. The offering of praise

a) This is considered most appropriate (Psalm 50:23).
b) Praise is to be given in full appreciation of who God is.
i) He is a very personal God.
ii) He is none other than “The Holy One of Israel”.

2. A Major theme of Praise

a) God Himself
b) God’s faithfulness
i) In keeping with who He declared Himself to be (Exodus 34:6).
ii) In keeping with His Covenant promise.

3. With the voice

a) The human voice is a very special gift from God.
b) The voice should be dedicated to singing moving songs of praise.

4. With accompaniment of musical instruments

a) With the lute.
b) With the harp.