Daily Devotions


Day 245

Psalm 63:7a "Because You have been my help..."

Day 245 – Psalm 63

“Because You have been my help…” Psalm 63:7a


The search for God was a very careful spiritual exercise. No stone was left unturned. Every avenue was explored. Reason was certainly utilised most vigorously in David’s search for God.

“Because You have been my help,
Therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.”
Psalm 63:7

1. “Because”

a) David was employing reason to understand God.
b) A valid search for God must employ reason.

2. “You have been my help”

a) Reason must have concrete facts to work with.
b) David took time to review how God had always been his help.
i) In his youth.
ii) In his flight from King Saul.
iii) In the wilderness of Judah.
iv) God had been his help even in the most desperate of times.

3. “Therefore”

a) Again, reason was employed.
b) There must be a good and logical conclusion forthcoming.

4. “In the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice”

a) David was under the shadow of God’s protective wings (Psalm 17:8).
b) Thus no matter what he may be going through, he need not fear.
c) In fact he may actually rejoice in the Lord.
d) He must employ reason to fend off unnecessary fears that could rob him of this joy he possessed in the Lord.