Daily Devotions


Day 358

Psalm 145:17 "The LORD is righteous in all His ways, gracious in all His works."

Day 358 – Psalm 145

“The LORD is righteous in all His ways, gracious in all His works.” Psalm 145:17


Psalm 145 concludes on a practical note. The psalmist David desired very much that his readers would learn how to relate to God, as he did.

1. What is God like? (Psalm 145:14-21)

a) The Lord upholds all who fall.
b) He raises up those who are bowed down.
c) He graciously provides for all who trust Him.
d) He is righteous in all His ways.
e) He shows much grace in all His works.
f) He is near to all who call upon Him.
g) He will fulfil all the desires of those who fear Him.
h) He will hear their cries and save them.
i) He will preserve all who love Him.
j) However He will destroy the unrepentant wicked.

2. How should we relate to the Lord? (Psalm 145:14-21)

The psalmist highlights three things that we can easily do:-

a) We learn to call on Him in truth.
b) We learn to fear Him.
c) We learn to love Him.

3. Personal Example (Psalm 145:21)

The psalmist David concludes this beautiful psalm of praise with a statement of his own personal commitment to extol the great name of God.

a) To speak the praise of the Lord.
b) To inspire all flesh to bless the Lord’s name forever.