Daily Devotions


Day 355

Psalm 144:9a "I will sing a new song to You, O God..."

Day 355 – Psalm 144

“I will sing a new song to You, O God…” Psalm 144:9a


David received new inspiration to compose a new song to the Lord. This is quite a dramatic switch from battling dark and negative thoughts of feeling overwhelmed, to a strong spirit of faith and praise. Can God do this today? The answer is a decided “Yes”! However, we will have to learn how to exercise our faith in God as we walk through dark valleys.

1. Composition of a new song (Psalm 144:9-10)

a) This was declared.
b) The occasion was the experience of God’s deliverance given to His servant David.

2. Content of this new song (Psalm 144:11-15)

a) Rescue and deliverance from foreign enemies.
i) The first reference was a prayer for deliverance (Psalm 144:11).
ii) The second reference is praise to God for His deliverance (Psalm 144:15).
b) Blessings on sons and daughters.
c) Bountiful blessings from God.
i) Full Barns
ii) Great Produce
iii) Great flocks of sheep
iv) Oxen well laden
v) No outcry in the streets (peace in the land)

3. Reflection (Psalm 144:15)

a) Happy are the people who are so blessed.
b) Happy are the people whose God is the LORD.
c) There is every reason to believe that God desires to bless His people.
d) The challenge is to hold fast to our faith in God despite life’s challenging circumstances.