Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night – 我夜间的歌曲

My Song In The Night – 我夜间的歌曲 
Day 375

A Second Declaration By Pilate

Text: John 19: 4


Pilate had caused Jesus to be scourged. His soldiers had been allowed to mock and mock Him. But none of the tortures yielded anything.

“Pilate then went out again, and said to them, ‘Behold, I am bringing Him out to you, that you may know that I find no fault in Him.’”

John 19:4

1. “Pilate then went out again”

a. He was in the Praetorium.
b. The Jews refused to enter it for fear of being defiled.
c. Pilate had to go out of his praetorium to see the Jews.

2. “And said to them”

a. He had to give the Jews his findings.
b. Torture was employed to extract incriminating evidence.

3. “Behold, I am bringing Him out to you”

a. Pilate called for attention from the Jews.

b. He had caused Jesus to be severely whipped.
c. Would not that have brought some satisfaction to the Jews?

4. Suffering under Pilate

a. Pilate had interrogated Jesus (John 18:33-38).
b. He had also caused Jesus to be scourged (John 19:1).
c. The soldiers had also caused added suffering (John 19:2-3).
d. These ordeals would have broken a lesser man.
e. Many would have caved-in when undergoing such torture.
f. The tortures had failed to cause Jesus to incriminate Himself.

5. “That you may know that I find no fault in Him”

a. This was an official statement from the Roman governor.
b. The course of the Roman law had been followed.
c. But nothing criminal was found in Jesus.
d. He had done nothing worthy of the death penalty.
e. This was now the second declaration about the innocence of Jesus (John 18:38; 19:4).

经文:约翰福音 19:4



“彼拉多又出来对众人说:‘我带他出来见你们,叫你们知道我查不出他有什么罪来。’ ”

《约翰福音 19:4》

1. “彼拉多又出来”

a. 他在衙门
b. 犹太人因害怕被玷污而拒绝进入
c. 彼拉多不得不离开衙门去接见犹太人

2. “对众人说”

a. 他必须向犹太人提供他的调查结果
b. 他得采用残酷的刑法来提取有罪的证据

3. “我带他出来见你们”

a. 彼拉多呼吁犹太人注意
b. 他曾使耶稣受到严厉的鞭打
c. 这不会给犹太人带来一些满足感吗?

4. 被彼拉多惩罚

a. 彼拉多曾审问过耶稣《约翰福音 18:33-38》
b. 他也使耶稣受到鞭打《约翰福音 19:1》
c. 士兵们也造成了额外的痛苦《约翰福音 19:2-3》
d. 这些经历可能会打倒一个稍微软弱的人
e. 许多人在遭受这种折磨时,可能会屈服
f. 这些酷刑未能让耶稣承认自己有罪

5. “叫你们知道我查不出他有什么罪来”

a. 这是罗马巡抚的正式声明
b. 这是遵守罗马律法进程
c. 但是他们未能在耶稣身上找到任何罪犯
d. 祂没有做任何值得死刑的事
e. 这是关于耶稣无罪的第二个声明 《约翰福音 18:38; 19:4》