Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night (Gospel of John)
我夜间的歌曲 (约翰福音)

My Song In The Night (Gospel of John)
我夜间的歌曲 (约翰福音)
Day 347

The Love Of God

Text: John 17: 26


The name of God and His love were closely associated. Jesus had done both. He declared His Father’s name and His Father’s love to His Disciples faithfully.

“And I have declared to them Your name, and will declare it, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”

John 17:26

1. “And I have declared to them Your name”

a. The word “declared” has the following nuances:
i. To make known.
ii. Jesus helped His Disciples to know God.
b. God’s name
i. God’s name was declared by the LORD Himself (Exodus 34:5-7).
ii. It is associated with grace and mercy.
iii. It is full of compassion and longsuffering.
iv. It is also associated with forgiveness of sins.
v. But it is also associated with judgment of those who reject Him.

2. “And will declare it”

a. Jesus will continue to help people to know the name of God.
b. The name of God His Father would always be lovingly and tenderly declared (“made known”).

3. “That the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them”

a. There was such a wonderful relationship of love between the Father and Jesus.
i. This love was there before the foundation of the world.
ii. It was there throughout His earthly ministry.
iii. It was carefully maintained.
b. This was a love that Jesus sought to teach His Disciples.
i. By loving them personally.
ii. By showing them His love in practical ways.
iii. By sustaining this love to the very end.
iv. This love must abide in them.
c. This love must be sustained by the Disciples.
d. They must do their utmost to dwell on what it means to have the love of God given to them.

经文:约翰福音 17:26




《约翰福音 17: 26》

1. “我已将你的名指示他们”

a. “指示”这词带有以下的含义:
i. 表明
ii. 耶稣帮助祂的门徒们来认识上帝
b. 上帝的名
i. 上帝本身宣告了自己的名 《出埃及记 34:5-7》
ii. 祂的名和祂的恩典和怜悯是联系的
iii. 祂的名是富有慈爱和怜悯
iv. 祂的名也能赦免罪恶
v. 同时,拒绝祂的名也会带来审判

2. “还要指示他们”

a. 耶稣会继续地帮助人们认识上帝的名
b. 祂富有爱地指示上帝的名 《“来宣扬”》

3. “使你所爱我的爱在他们里面,我也在他们里面”

a. 天父和耶稣有着富有爱的完美关系
i. 在世界的基础创造之前,这份爱已经存在了
ii. 耶稣在世间职事的时候也是富有这份爱
iii. 祂仔细地维持了这份爱
b. 耶稣尝试教导门徒们有关这份爱
i. 祂爱戴着他们
ii. 祂以实际的方式来显现祂的爱
iii. 祂的持续了这爱到底
iv. 这份爱必须与门徒们常在
c. 门徒们必须延续这份爱
d. 他们应当反思上帝所赐给他们这份爱的意义