Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night – 我夜间的歌曲

My Song In The Night – 我夜间的歌曲 
Day 284

What If We Do Not Really Love Jesus

Text: John 14: 24


This is a solemn truth that we must dare to face. There is a possibility that we do not really love Jesus as much as we would like people to believe.

“He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine but the Father’s who sent Me.”

John 14:24

1. “He who does not love Me”

a. Jesus opens up this solemn possibility.
i. That we really do not love Him.
ii. This is a sobering word that we would do well to check carefully.
b. We can end up with self-deception.
i. We can end up with being deceived by our feelings.
ii. We can end up with being deceived by our own thoughts and reasoning.

2. “Does not keep My words”

a. The proof of our love for Jesus once again has to be measured by our keeping of His word.
b. The person who does not keep the word of Jesus demonstrates that he does not love Him.
c. The idea of keeping His word must be understood thus:
i. He carefully keeps the word of Jesus.
ii. He consistently keeps His word.
iii. The keeping of the word of Jesus is not an intermittent thing.

3. What is the word of Jesus that it becomes so central?

a. Jesus explains this further.
b. He explains it carefully and clearly.

4. “And the word which you hear is not Mine”

a. Jesus was referring to the source of His word.
b. He sought to help His disciples to understand and appreciate the Divine source of His word.

5. “But the Father’s who sent Me”

a. The Source of the teachings of Jesus is God the Father Himself.
b. It was He who sent Jesus with His word.
c. Thus, the word of Jesus must be carefully kept because that word came from God the Father.

经文:约翰福音 14: 24




《约翰福音 14: 24》

1. “不爱我的人”

a. 耶稣提及了这严肃的可能性
i. 我们并非真正爱祂
ii. 我们必须仔细查验这番发人深省的话
b. 我们可能在欺骗自己
i. 我们可能被自己的感受所欺骗
ii. 我们可能被自己的想法与推理所欺骗

2. “不遵守我的道”

a. 我们必须通过遵守祂的道来证明对耶稣的爱是真实的
b. 一个人若不遵守耶稣的道,就表明了他并不爱耶稣
c. 我们必须理解遵守祂的道的概念:
i. 这信徒会仔细地遵守耶稣的道
ii. 这信徒会坚持不懈地遵守祂的道
iii. 遵守耶稣的道并不是断断续续的

3. 耶稣的道为何如此关键呢?

a. 耶稣进一步地解释
b. 祂仔细及清楚地讲解

4. “你们所听见的道不是我的”

a. 耶稣所指的是祂的道的源头
b. 祂尝试帮助门徒们了解及珍惜祂的道的神圣源头

5. “乃是差我来之父的道”

a. 耶稣的教训的源头来自父神本身
b. 是祂差耶稣与祂的道来的
c. 因此,我们必须仔细遵守耶稣的道,因为这道来自父神