Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night – 我夜间的歌曲

My Song In The Night – 我夜间的歌曲 
Day 195

In Plain Language

Text: John 11: 14-16


Jesus had to explain to His disciples in plain language what He meant when He used the word “sleep”.

“Then Jesus said to them plainly, ‘Lazarus is dead. And I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, that you may believe. Nevertheless let us go to him.’ Then Thomas, who is called the Twin, said to his fellow disciples, ‘Let us also go, that we may die with him.’”

John 11:14-16

1. “Then Jesus said to them plainly, ‘Lazarus is dead’”

a. Figures of speech was lost on the disciples at this stage.
b. Jesus had to speak to them plainly.
c. Frankly and plainly He said: “Lazarus is dead.”

2. The delay in Jordan for two days

a. Lazarus had died during this delay.
b. But this was not an error or judgment on the part of the Lord Jesus.

3. “And I am glad for your sakes that I was not there”

a. The disciples had seen Jesus healed the sick many times.
b. Rarely had they seen Jesus raised the dead.
c. Jesus had a special lesson He wanted His disciples to learn.
d. If He had been there to heal Lazarus, the lesson intended would not be learned.

4. “That you may believe”

a. There was basic and initial faith in Jesus as Saviour.
b. Then there was faith applied when they recognised Him as the Son of God.
c. But there were other levels the disciples had not attained.
This miracle He was going to perform would truly lift up their faith to a higher one.

5. Nevertheless let us go to Judea

a. Despite their lack of understanding.
b. Despite their limited faith.

6. Thomas: “Let us also go, that we may die with him”

He spoke of being ready to die in Judea with Jesus their Lord, if their enemies persecuted them. He did not fully comprehend what Jesus had just spoken to them

经文:约翰福音 11:14-16




《约翰福音 11:14-16》

1. “耶稣就明明地告诉他们说:‘拉撒路死了。’”

a. 在这阶段,门徒还无法了解比喻的说法
b. 耶稣必须明明地对他们说话
c. 祂坦白且明明地说:“拉撒路死了。”

2. 在约旦耽搁了两天

a. 在这延搁的期间,拉撒路死了
b. 但这并不是主耶稣的错误或审判

3. “我没有在那里就欢喜,这是为你们的缘故”

a. 门徒看过耶稣多次医治病人
b. 他们很少看过耶稣叫死人复活
c. 耶稣要门徒学习一个特别的教训
d. 如果祂医治了拉撒路,那么他们就学不到这个特别的教训了

4. “好叫你们相信”

a. 他们有基本和初始的信心来信耶稣为救主
b. 当他们承认祂是上帝的儿子时,信心被实践了
c. 但是,还有其它信心的层次是门徒还未达到的

5. 如今我们可以往犹太那里去

a. 尽管他们缺乏理解
b. 尽管他们信心有限

6. “ 多马说:‘我们也去和他同死吧!’”