Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night – 我夜间的歌曲

My Song In The Night – 我夜间的歌曲 
Day 165

A Special Relationship between Shepherd and Sheep

Text: John 10: 3


A special relationship is cultivated between shepherd and sheep. This is beautifully described here.

“To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.”

John 10:3

1. The shepherd and the doorkeeper

a. The relationship between them is normal.
b. Both are human beings and they can communicate with each other easily.
c. The doorkeeper and the shepherd
i. They have a business relationship.
ii. They may even have a casual friendship.

2. The shepherd and the sheep

a. This relationship is complex.
b. Much of the work has to be done by the shepherd in order to build a strong relationship.

3. The cultivation of a deep and lasting relationship involves at least three things

a. The shepherd gives to his sheep a name each.
i. The shepherd would have to know each sheep well.
ii. He has to care for each one especially.
iii. He has to love each sheep individually.
b. He calls them by name until they are used to his voice.
i. All sheep may look alike.
ii. They would be difficult to distinguish in a common public sheepfold.
iii. The shepherd would call his own sheep by name and it would respond to his voice.
c. He leads them out.
i. This is what he does regularly.
ii. He and his sheep have established a special relationship with each other.
iii. His sheep would respond to his call.

4. The sheep

a. They would have to make an effort to respond to their shepherd.
b. This would be natural if they related to him from birth (a process called “imprinting’).



牧羊人和羊群之间建立了一种特殊的关系。以下经节美好地描述了这 一点。



1. 牧羊人和看门的

a. 他们之间的关系是正常的
b. 两者都是人,因此可以轻易地互相沟通
c. 看门的和牧羊人
i. 他们有业务上的关系
ii. 他们之间甚至可能存在着一般的友谊

2. 牧羊人和羊群

a. 这种关系很复杂
b. 为了建立牢固的关系,大部分的工作必须由牧羊人完成


a. 牧羊人给他的每一只羊起名
i. 牧羊人必须深入地认识每只羊
ii. 他必须特别关心每一只羊
iii. 他必须单独爱护每一只羊
b. 他按着名叫它们,直到它们习惯了他的声音
i. 所有的羊看起来可能都一样
ii. 在公共羊圈中很难区分它们
iii. 牧羊人会按着名叫自己的羊,他的羊会听到他的声音而回应
c. 他把羊领出来
i. 这是他经常做的事情
ii. 他和他的羊群已经建立了特殊的关系
iii. 他的羊群会回应他的呼叫


a. 它们必须努力回应它们的牧羊人
b. 如果它们从一出生就与牧羊人有联系(这过程称为“印记”),那将是很自然的反应