Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night (Gospel of John)
我夜间的歌曲 (约翰福音)

My Song In The Night (Gospel of John)
我夜间的歌曲 (约翰福音)
Day 126

A Telling Reaction

Text: John 8: 33


The Jews who had heard this further word from the Lord Jesus reacted very strongly. Their “faith” in the Lord was demonstrated and proven.

“They answered Him, ‘We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone. How can you say, ‘You will be made free?’’”

John 8:33

1. “They answered Him”

a. This was more like a retort.
b. It was a reaction that revealed the true state of their understanding.

2. “We are Abraham’s descendants”

a.The Jews took pride in their being the descendants of Abraham.
b. They were essentially saying that they had the Abrahamic Covenant to fall back on.
i. God had promised to bless Abraham (Genesis 12, 15, 22).
ii. That promise extended to his descendants.
iii. The Jews believed that they were already greatly blessed.

3. “And have never been in bondage to anyone”

a. This was not true historically.
b. Israel had been in bondage to the following:
i. Assyria
ii. Babylon
iii. Currently, Israel was under bondage to Rome.
c. On the spiritual side
i. They were in bondage to their traditions and customs.
ii. They were in bondage to sin.
iii. They were in bondage to their anger, evil and wicked plotting to kill Jesus.
iv. They were in bondage to the darkness that continued to prevail in their life.

4. “How can you say, ‘You will be made free’”

a. They were certainly not abiding in the word of Jesus.
b. They were questioning and challenging Jesus’ teaching.
c. They had demonstrated that they did not possess genuine faith after all!

经文:约翰福音 8:33





1. “他们回答说”

a. 这比较像是在反驳
b. 这反应揭示了他们对耶稣的话的理解的真实状态

2. “我们是亚伯拉罕的后裔”

a. 犹太人因自己是亚伯拉罕的后裔而感自豪
b. 他们基本上在说自己能依靠上帝与亚伯拉罕的契约
i. 上帝曾应许会赐福亚伯拉罕《创世记12,15,22》
ii. 这应许延伸到他的后裔
iii. 犹太人相信他们已经极大地被赐福了

3. “从来没有做过谁的奴仆”

a. 依据历史,这是不正确的
b. 以色列曾被以下列国所奴役:
i. 亚述
ii. 巴比伦
iii. 当时,以色列还受到罗马的奴役
c. 在属灵方面
i. 他们受到传统和习俗的束缚
ii. 他们受到罪的束缚
iii. 他们被心中的愤怒和邪恶捆绑,并用诡计想谋害耶稣
iv. 他们被生命里的黑暗所束缚,这黑暗继续在生命里捆绑他们

4. “你怎么说‘你们必得以自由’呢?”

a. 他们肯定没有遵守耶稣的道
b. 他们对耶稣的教训提出质疑与挑战
c. 他们显示了自己毕竟没有真实的信实!