Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night (Gospel of John)
我夜间的歌曲 (约翰福音)

My Song In The Night (Gospel of John)
我夜间的歌曲 (约翰福音)
Day 225

A Puzzling Response

Text: John 12: 23


The Disciples, Philip and Andrew, must have been puzzled by how Jesus responded to what they said. They had expected Jesus to be more than happy to meet anyone, even Greeks!

In the past, to the surprise of the Disciples, Jesus had spoken to people who were normally shunned:

1. A Samaritan woman John 4:1-30

2. A sinful woman John 8:1-11

3. A despised tax collector Mark 2:13-17

4. A Roman centurion Matthew 8:5-13

This time round, Jesus did not meet up with the Greeks. Instead, He gave them a profound word.


Jesus’ answer was a difficult one. This statement needs to be carefully understood.

“But Jesus answered them, saying, ‘The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified.’” 

John 12:23

1. “But Jesus answered them”

a. Jesus knew that His disciples had expected a straight-forward answer.

b. He could have done one of two things:

i. He could have said “Yes!”
ii. He could have said “No!”

2. Instead, He gave them a deep and profound answer

a. “The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified”
i. The word “hour” is a reference to the hour of His death.
ii. He had used this word “hour” before (John 2:4; 7:30; 8:20).
b. Death was referred to as something that would result in Jesus being glorified.
i. Death is always an enemy.
ii. But it is not to be feared.
iii. Through His death, He would be glorified.

3. What did Jesus intend His Disciples to understand from this statement?

a. The hour of His death was approaching.
b. He must prepare His disciples for His suffering and death.
c. He would not begin a new ministry to Gentiles at this point of time.
d. In time, the Disciples would minister to the Gentiles.

经文:约翰福音 12:23


门徒们,腓力和安得烈一定对耶稣的反应感到困惑。他们以为耶稣一定会很乐意见任何人, 甚至希腊人!


1. 一位撒马利亚妇人 《约翰福音 4:1-30》

2. 一位犯了罪的妇人 《约翰福音 8:1-11》

3. 一位被嫌弃的税史 《马可福音 2:13-17》

4. 一位罗马百夫长 《马太福音 8:5-13》





《约翰福音 12:23》

1. “耶稣说”

a. 耶稣知道门徒们期待得到一个直接的答案
b. 其实祂可以做以下两个反应之一:
i. 祂可以说“好!”
ii. 祂可以说“不好!”

2. 耶稣反而给了一个深奥的回答

a. “人子得荣耀的时候到了”
i. “时候”指的是祂死亡的时候
ii. 祂曾经用过这词“时候” 《约翰福音 2:4;7:30;8:20》
b. 死被形容为能够让耶稣得荣耀的事
i. 死亡永远是仇敌
ii. 不过害怕死亡是错的
iii. 通过耶稣的死,祂将得到荣耀

3. 耶稣要祂的门徒从这句话了解什么呢?

a. 祂死亡的时候即将来临
b. 祂必须帮门徒为祂即将受的痛苦和死亡做好准备
c. 祂不会在这个时候开启对外邦人的新职事
d. 往后,门徒将会担任对外邦人的职事