Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night (Gospel of Luke)

My Song In The Night (Gospel of Luke)
Day 84

Text: Luke 8: 4-8


1. The Lord Jesus was a really great Teacher

2. He taught brilliantly in many ways:

a. By example
b. By His miracles
c. By creating proverbial sayings
d. By parables


1. Essentials of a Parable

a. The Lord used common things that could be easily understood.
i. A sower
ii. Seed
iii. Ground
iv. Fruit
b. The Parable always had significant lessons to teach.
i. Spiritual lessons
ii. Personal lessons
iii. Lessons that warn
iv. Lessons that warm and encourage the heart

2. The Parable of the Sower

a. His work was to sow the seed.
b. Four different types of ground noted:
i. Wayside
ii. Stony ground
iii. Thorny ground
iv. Good ground
c. The focus of this parable was on the type of ground that received the seed.

3. This unique parable well-illustrated His teaching ministry

a. The Lord was like the Sower in the parable.
b. The Seed was the word that He taught (sowed).
c. The grounds were like the different groups of people who heard the word He taught.

4. The Proverbial saying

“He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”
Luke 8:8

a. All have been given ears.
b. But not all use their ears well.
c. The responsibility lies on the hearer.
i. He must make every effort to hear well.
ii. Much depends on how well he hears.

经文:路加福音 8:4-8


1. 主耶稣是一位非常好的教师

2. 祂杰出的教导在许多方面可以看到:

a. 通过榜样
b. 通过祂的神迹
c. 通过箴言叙说
d. 通过比喻


1. 比喻不可缺少的特色

a. 主耶稣利用人们能够容易了解的常事
i. 一位撒种的
ii. 种子
iii. 地
iv. 果实
b. 比喻总有意义重大的启示
i. 属灵的启示
ii. 个人启示
iii. 警告的启示
iv. 温暖与鼓励人心的启示

2. 撒种的比喻

a. 他的工作就是撒种子
b. 四种不一样的地:
i. 路旁
ii. 磐石上
iii. 荆棘里
iv. 好土里
c. 这比喻的重点是种子所落在的地

3. 这独特的比喻有效地阐明了主耶稣教导的职事

a. 主耶稣就像比喻里那位撒种的
b. 种子就是祂所教的道(撒种)
c. 不一样的地就像前来听祂所教的道的各组人

4. 箴言

“有耳可听的,就应当听!”《路加福音 8:8》

a. 所有人都有耳
b. 但不是每一位都会利用好耳朵
c. 义务在于听者
i. 他得竭尽所能来听好
ii. 这得看他听得多好