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My Song In The Night (Gospel of Luke)

My Song In The Night (Gospel of Luke)
Day 36

Text: Luke 4: 9-13


1. Twice, Satan had failed to tempt the Lord Jesus

On both occasions, the Lord Jesus wisely used the Scriptures to answer Satan.

2. On the third Temptation, Satan cited the Scriptures

3. Scene of this Temptation.

Satan brought the Lord Jesus to the pinnacle of the Temple in Jerusalem.

4. The actual Temptation: To jump from

“If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down from here.” (Luke 4:9)

a. To jump from this height would result in death.
b. And if not death, serious injury.

5. Citing Scriptures

a. “For it is written: ‘He shall give His angels charge over you.’”
b. This word was taken from Psalm 91:11

6. Citing Scriptures again

a. “And, ‘In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.’”
b. This word was taken from Psalm 91:12.

7. The Response of the Lord Jesus was wonderful

a. “It has been said”
i. This is another way of citing the Scriptures.
ii. But the Lord Jesus was not going to argue with Satan at all.
iii. It is not a matter of citing the Scriptures.
iv. Scriptures provide wisdom and discernment.
They were never meant to be cited and used wrongly or foolishly.
b. Putting God to the test.
i. What Satan suggested was to suggest to the Lord Jesus that He ought to put God to the test.
ii. God had given angels to protect His children.
iii. If the Lord Jesus jumped from the pinnacle of the Temple the angels would come immediately to His rescue.
iv. This was something the Lord Jesus would never do!

8. The failure of Satan

a. Three times, Satan tried to tempt the Lord Jesus. He failed miserably.
b. He decided that he would leave the Lord Jesus for the moment and perhaps try and tempt Him again on some other occasions (Luke 4:13).

经文:路加福音 4:9-13


1. 撒旦连续两次试探主耶稣都失败了


2. 第三次试探时,魔鬼撒旦也引用经文

3. 这次试探的场景


4. 试探:从那跳下

“你若是神的儿子,可以从这里跳下去!”《路加福音 4:9》

a. 在如此高处坠下定会死亡
b. 就算没有死亡,也会导致重伤

5. 引用经文

a. “主要为你吩咐他的使者保护你”
b. 这话语取自《诗篇 91:11》

6. 再次引用经文

a. “他们要用手托着你,免得你的脚碰在石头上”
b. 这话语取自《诗篇 91:12》

7. 主耶稣的回应十分美妙

a. “经上说”
i. 这是另一种引用经文的方式
ii. 但主耶稣不与撒旦争辩
iii. 这并不是关于如何引用经文的问题
iv. 圣经提供智慧,也辨别对错
b. 试探主你的神
i. 魔鬼撒旦其实在提议主耶稣试探上帝
ii. 上帝派遣使者保护祂的子民
iii. 若主耶稣从圣殿顶上跳下,使者必将立即救祂
iv. 但这是主耶稣绝不会做的事!

8. 魔鬼撒旦的失败

a. 撒旦连续三次尽力地试探主耶稣。而他每次都惨败。
b. 他决定暂时离开主耶稣;可能下次有机会,他会再试探祂《路加福音 4:13》