Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night (Gospel of Luke)

My Song In The Night (Gospel of Luke)
Day 129

Text: Luke 10: 23-24


“Then He turned to His disciples and said privately, ‘Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see; for I tell you that many prophets
and kings have desired to see what you see, and have not seen it, and to hear what you hear, and have not heard it.’”

Luke 10:23-24

1. A private word to the Disciples

a. The Lord taught the Multitudes.
b. He also taught His Disciples separately.

2. “Blessed are the eyes which see the things you see”

a. They saw the Lord Jesus.
b. They saw His mighty miracles.
c. To be able to see all that the Lord Jesus did was a special blessing in itself.

3. Who would have loved to have this special blessing?

a. Many prophets
b. Many kings
c. But it was not their privilege to see the Lord and His mighty deeds.

4. The blessings that ought to be treasured

a. To see what the Lord has shown.
i. Demons cast out.
ii. The sick made well.
iii. People coming to believe in the Lord Jesus.
b. To hear what He had taught.
i. Lessons about the Kingdom of God.
ii. Deep insights that were fresh and life-changing.

经文:路加福音 10:23-24


“耶稣转身暗暗地对门徒说:‘看见你们所看见的,那眼睛就有福了! 我告诉你们:从前有许多先知和君王要看你们所看的,却没有看见;要听你们所听的,却没有听见。’”

《路加福音 10:23-24》

1. 暗自给予门徒们的话语

a. 主教导众人
b. 祂也分别地教导门徒们

2. “看见你们所看见的,那眼睛就有福了!”

a. 他们看到了主耶稣
b. 他们见证了耶稣伟大的神迹
c. 能够见证主耶稣所有的作为就是特别的祝福

3. 还有什么人希望能够得到这份特别的祝福?

a. 许多先知
b. 许多君王
c. 不过,他们并没有得到见证主和祂伟大的作为的荣幸

4. 这些应当珍惜的祝福

a. 见证主所行的事
i. 赶鬼
ii. 医治病人
iii. 人们来信主耶稣
b. 聆听祂的教导
i. 关于上帝的国的教训
ii. 令人耳目一新及改变生命的深奥见解