Daily Devotions

My Song In The Night (Gospel of Luke)

My Song In The Night (Gospel of Luke)
Day 7

Text: Luke 1:21-25


1. Zacharias took a long time offering incense-prayers

a. This was noted by the worshippers.
b. Prayers and incense offering do not take so long.
c. The congregation waited and wondered (Luke 1:21).

2. The appearance of Zacharias from the Holy Place in the Temple

a. Zacharias finally emerged from the Holy Place.
b. It was normal to speak to the worshippers after offering prayers.
c. But Zacharias was now mute because he had not believed the angel Gabriel.
d. He could only beckon to them, but he was speechless (Luke 1:22).
e. The congregation came to this conclusion.
i. Zacharias must have seen a vision in the Holy Place.
ii. He was somehow unable to speak.

3. Completion of all temple duties

a. Incense offering was one of the duties.
b. There were other priestly duties that needed attention.
c. On completion, Zacharias left for home (Luke 1:23).

4. Conception of Elizabeth

a. Soon after Elizabeth conceived.
b. What the angel Gabriel had said was being fulfilled.
c. Elizabeth hid herself for the first 5 months of her pregnancy (Luke 1:24).
d. This was wise, for she was a much older woman and this was her first child.

5. Elizabeth’s glad comments

a. She spoke of how God had dealt with her.
b. He had taken away her reproach among people.
c. In those days, those who were barren were often reproached if not despised.
d. Elizabeth must have had a hard time all this while.

经文:路加福音 1:21-25


1. 撒迦利亚在主殿里烧香祷告了许久

a. 这受到百姓们注意
b. 一般烧香祷告不该花这么长时间
c. 百姓等候时感到诧异《路加福音 1: 21》

2. 撒迦利亚从主殿里出来

a. 撒迦利亚终于出现
b. 一般烧香后,祭司会与百姓说话
c. 但撒迦利亚现在因不信天使加百列,而成了哑巴
d. 他只能对他们打手式,因为自己哑了
e. 百姓们的结论:
i. 撒迦利亚在殿里见了异象
ii. 也就因此,他不能说话

3. 供职的日子已满

a. 烧香只不过是其中一个职务
b. 撒迦利亚还须执行其他祭司的职务
c. 完成职事后,他便回家去

4. 伊利莎白怀了孕

a. 不久以后,伊利莎白怀了孕
b. 天使加百列的话应验了
c. 她随后隐藏了五个月《路加福音 1:24》
d. 这是明智的,因为她是个高龄孕妇而这是她的第一胎

5. 伊利莎白感恩的话

a. 她提到上帝对她的恩待
b. 把她在人间的羞耻除掉
c. 当时的人们耻辱与鄙视不能生育的女士
d. 伊利莎白一直以来吃了不少苦头