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My Song In The Night (Genesis)

My Song In The Night (Genesis)
Day 140

Text: Genesis 23: 10-11


Genesis 23:10-11

10 Now Ephron dwelt among the sons of Heth; and Ephron the Hittite answered Abraham in the presence of the sons of Heth, all who entered at the gate of his city, saying,
11 “No, my lord, hear me: I give you the field and the cave that is in it; I give it to you in the presence of the sons of my people. I give it to you. Bury your dead!”


1. Ephron the Hittite

a. He was one of the leaders of the Hittites.
b. He was just as skilled in speaking and negotiating.

2. “At the gate of his city”

a. Abraham was there.
b. The other sons of Heth were there.
c. Ephron was obviously one of the more significant chieftains.

3. He addressed Abraham

a. He spoke with great respect to Abraham, calling him, “My lord”.
b. He offered the field and the cave that Abraham asked for.
c. This was very magnanimous of Ephron.
i. He was displaying generosity.
ii. This was a display of nobility too.
iii. It showed his understanding of the request of Abraham to bury the dead
(Sarah, his late wife).
iv. This would further enhance his status as a key leader among the Hittites.
v. This offer, however, was reflective of the way in which negotiations were done.

经文:创世纪 23:10-11


《创世纪 23:10-11》
10 当时以弗仑正坐在赫人中间。于是,赫人以弗仑在城门出入的赫人面前对亚伯拉罕说:

11 “不然,我主请听,我送给你这块田,连田间的洞也送给你。在我同族的人面前都给你,可以埋葬你的死人。”


1. 赫人以弗仑

a. 他是赫人的领袖之一
b. 他也精通谈判

2. “城门”

a. 亚伯拉罕在那里
b. 其他赫人也在
c. 以弗仑显明是较重要的领袖

3. 以弗仑对亚伯拉罕说

a. 他尊敬地和亚伯拉罕谈话,叫他“我主”
b. 他说要送亚伯拉罕请求的田和田间的洞
c. 以弗仑很大方
i. 他表现出了慷慨
ii. 也表现出高尚
iii. 表现了他了解亚伯拉罕要埋葬死人(他的故妻,撒拉)
iv. 这将会提高他在赫人领袖中的地位
v. 他的提议反应了当时谈判的过程