Daily Devotions


Day 113

Luke 9:28-35 ; 2 Peter 1:16-21 "NOT KNOWING WHAT HE SAID" Luke 9:33"

Day 113 – Luke 9

Text: Luke 9:28-35 ; 2 Peter 1:16-21


We must exercise a great sense of identification with Peter, even as we read this commentary about him.

1. He had seen something that he had never experienced before – Jesus transfigured! Nothing they had seen or experienced could be compared with this phenomenon! The face and the robes that Jesus wore glowed with great glory!

a) Not the healing of hundreds of people, again and again. (Luke 4)
b) Not even the great catch of fish the Lord Jesus allowed him to experience could compare with this phenomenon. (Luke 5)
c) Nor the fact that Jesus could calm a storm. (Luke 8)

2. The Disciples of course had been taught about the existence of Moses and Elijah. Which Jewish child had not been told about these two great servants of God? The three disciples were now given the privilege to gaze upon this holy scene, where these Old Testament servants of God were in conversation with their Teacher!

3. As the scene began to fade away, Peter wanting to remain there long, and he wouldn’t mind if they stayed a long, long time there, cried out. He offered to build three tents (“tabernacles”) for their Teacher, Moses and Elijah! Peter, of course meant well. However, meaning well is not the same as having comprehended the truth! Peter, spoke out of turn, and thus he had to be rebuked for saying that which he did not fully comprehend.


Peter’s statement had to be answered. If he did not have a reply, he might even think that he came up with a pretty good idea!

The answer came in an unexpected manner. Firstly there was a cloud, and if the three Disciples had been conscious of the presence of Moses, then the significance of the cloud enveloping them would not have been lost on them.

Let us take time to recall what Moses wrote in Exodus,

“And the LORD went before them by day
In a pillar of cloud to lead the way,
And by night in a pillar of fire
To give them light,
So as to go by day and night.
He did not take away the pillar of cloud by day
Or the pillar of cloud by night from before the people.”
Exodus 13:21-22

The cloud represented the glorious Presence of the God of Israel, the God of Moses and Elijah – and their God! From the youngest age, children were taught these wonderful stories about how God had spoken to His people! What an awesome thing it was to be ushered into the very Presence of the Lord God Himself!


Once before, the Voice of God was heard – at the Baptism of Jesus, at the River Jordan. John the Baptiser would testify that he heard that Voice from heaven saying,

“You are My Beloved Son;
In You I am well pleased.”
Luke 3:22

Once again, the Voice of God was heard – at the Transfiguration of Jesus, saying,

“This is My Beloved Son,
Hear Him!”
Luke 9:35


What was the significance of God allowing His Voice to be heard? Let us consider the following thoughts:-

1. The Lord Jesus had spoken of His suffering and death. However, He had also spoken of the reality of the after-life. The appearance of Moses and Elijah would confirm within the hearts of these three apostles that there is HOPE after death – there is LIFE after death!

2. All Jews held Moses and Elijah in the highest esteem. Yet, here they were, talking to their Teacher! And it was the glory of their Master that stood out. The other two only basked in His personal glory. Surely, if there were any more doubts at all, they would be banished forever! There can be no doubt at all as to the true Identity of Jesus. He was indeed The Christ of God!

3. The Voice from Heaven said only a few words. He need not say more actually. The entire focus of His Word was on the Person of their Teacher.

4. The Voice commanded them to understand who Jesus was – He was SON of the Most High!

5. The Voice from Heaven also commanded them to “HEAR HIM”.

6. Peter was not to speak out of turn. He was not to continue to volunteer thoughts, ideas, feelings that may have been sincere… but they fall away into total insignificance when compared to the Words that Jesus uttered!


In the evening years of his life, Peter wrote about this incident in his second general epistle. He wrote, to testify to the veracity of the Majesty of the Lord Jesus.

We… were eyewitnesses of His majesty.
For He received from God the Father
Honour and glory when such a voice came to Him
From the Excellent Glory:
“This is My beloved Son,
In whom I am well pleased.”
2 Peter 1:17