Daily Devotions


Day 105

"Woe to them when I depart from them"

Text: Hosea 9:12


The glorious presence of God was taken too much for granted. The Lord would remove His presence from them as His chastisement of the unrepentant nation.

“Though they bring up their children,
Yet I will bereave them to the last man.
Yes, woe to them when I depart from them!”
Hosea 9:12

1. Warning of deprivation

a) No birth
b) No pregnancy
c) No conception
d) These things would take place as God had forewarned.

2. “Though they bring up their children”

a) This is a reference to children that were already born.
b) God knew that their parents would bring them up as idolaters too.
c) He would move against these parents.

3. “Yet I will bereave them to the last man”

a) Life and death ultimately belong to the Lord.
b) He is the One who determines how long we live and when we should die.
c) Bereavement warned:
i) Through war
ii) Through pestilence
iii) Through disease
d) All who remain unrepentant would face this judgment from the LORD.

4. “Yes, woe to them when I depart from them”

a) The presence or the absence of God were contrasted.
b) God’s presence would result in:
i) Blessings
ii) Glory
c) God’s departure (absence)
i) This would result in obvious woe!
ii) There would only be disaster upon disaster upon the unrepentant nation.