Daily Devotions


Day 102

"They are deeply corrupted"

Text: Hosea 9:9


The problem of sin is never just a matter of transgression. The problem is far deeper.

“They are deeply corrupted,
As in the days of Gibeah.
He will remember their iniquity;
He will punish their sins.”
Hosea 9:9

1. “They are deeply corrupted”

a) This was the assessment of the LORD God Himself.
b) The corruption affected the following:
i) The heart
ii) The mind
iii) The spirit

2. “As in the days of Gibeah”

a) Gibeah was mentioned in the Book of Judges in the most horrific way.
b) The Book of Judges noted the following details about Gibeah:
i) There was a Levite who was traveling with his concubine.
ii) The “perverted men” of Gibeah demanded that the Levite be given to them (Judges 19:22).
iii) This demand was turned down (Judges 19:23).
iv) The concubine was given to these perverted men instead (Judges 19:24-25).
v) She was gang-raped by the people from Gibeah (of the tribe of Benjamin).
c) The Levite then cut his concubine in 12 pieces and sent the body parts to the 12 tribes of Israel.
d) This caused a war that nearly wiped out Benjamin as a tribe (Judges 20).

3. “He will remember their iniquity”

a) Israel in the days of Hosea was likened to Gibeah in the time of the Judges.
b) The iniquity (evil) of Israel would not be forgotten.
c) If Israel persisted in its sinful ways, He will remember their iniquity.

4. “He will punish their sins”

a) Their iniquity and sin were “deep corruption”.
b) Israel remained unrepentant though warned by so many prophets of God’s judgment.
c) Punishment for iniquity and sins was inevitable.
d) The LORD would uphold justice and righteousness even if Israel had to be punished severely.