Daily Devotions


Day 86

We who have believed do enter that rest...

Text: Hebrews 4:3


The author of Hebrews classifies himself with those who had a firm faith in the Lord. He felt that it was important to encourage all to look for this tremendous sense of well-being that comes from a strong faith.

“For we who have believed do enter that rest,
as He has said:”
Hebrews 4:3

1. We who have believed (hoi pisteusantes)

a) There is no mistaking the fact that “belief” or “faith” (pistis) was in possession.
b) This faith came about through:-
i) Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (better than the angels and Moses (Cf. Hebrews 1-3)
ii) Appreciation of the Lord Jesus for identification with those who came to faith in Him, and who have now become brethren (Cf. Hebrews 2:11-13)
iii) Being conscious partakers of God’s heavenly calling (Cf. Hebrews 3:1)
iv) Holding fast to faith in Christ (Cf. Hebrews 3:6)

2. Do enter that rest (katapausin)

a) What is this “rest?”

i) The imagery is drawn from the Old Testament reference to Canaan.
ii) The first dimension of this “rest” has to do with life on this earth. Canaan represented physical “rest” from slavery and bondage. This was a land “flowing with milk and honey”.
iii) There is another dimension- that of eternal (ultimate) rest.

b) Enter into that rest

i) There is a special physical “rest” to be enjoyed (Cf. Matthew 11:28). Jesus spoke of giving “rest” to all who came to Him in faith (anapauso).
ii) There is also every confidence in the hope of entering that eternal rest because of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.