Daily Devotions


Day 67

If we hold fast the confidence...

Text: Hebrews 3:6


The author of Hebrews wrote to warn his readers of certain dangers. The first danger was that of “drifting away” (Cf. Hebrews 2:1). The second danger is that of “neglect” (Hebrews 2:3) The third danger is hinted at in this phrase “If we hold fast…”

1. Not everybody would be able to hold fast.

2. There were some who were already showing signs that they were not able to hold fast.

3. These two dangers are related (even if the imageries used are not the same):-

a) Drifting away
b) Not holding fast


The faith we have in Christ may indeed be called “hope.” This word simply describes “unrealized faith”. How should we express genuine faith and hope?

1. The confidence (ten parresian)

a) This is a reference to all that has been said about our knowledge of Jesus thus far.
b) If Christ is indeed believed to be greater than the angels and Moses, then there should be absolute “confidence” in our faith and hope in Him.

2. The rejoicing (to kauchema)

a) This phrase may also be translated “the boasting” or “the pride”.
b) The believer should have every reason to be proud of his Saviour.
c) He should have every reason to “boast” of Jesus for He is indeed greater than angels and Moses.

3. If we hold fast (kataschomen)

a) The determination of whether one “holds fast” (to the end) depends on the individual.
b) The possibility of not holding fast to the end is held out as a possibility.

The challenge is obvious! Every effort must be made to hold fast to the end!