Daily Devotions

2 Timothy

2 Timothy 
Day 4

"Being mindful of your tears..."

Text: 2 Timothy 1:4


The apostle Paul stood out as a servant of God in so many ways!

Three things may be highlighted:-

1. Faithfulness

2. Fruitfulness

3. Fullness of the Holy Spirit



The apostle Paul stood out as a spiritual father too. This is evidenced in the following text.

“Greatly desiring to see you, being mindful of your tears,
that I may be filled with joy.”
2 Timothy 1:4

1. “Greatly desiring to see you”

a) Paul missed seeing Timothy.
b) He desired very much to see Timothy once again.
c) This is what we may expect of a father who loves his son deeply.
i) There is a natural longing.
ii) This was spoken of openly and with deep affection.

2. “Being mindful of your tears”

a) We are not told exactly why tears were associated with Timothy.
b) Paul was mindful of Timothy’s tears.
The following reasons may explain why tears were shed:-
i) Tears may be shed because of consciousness of personal weaknesses and sins.
ii) Tears may be shed because of a deep love shared between father and son.
iii) Tears may be shed because the work of ministry can be very hard and harsh at times.
iv) Tears may be shed because of special moments of joy in the ministry.
c) Paul’s love for Timothy
i) He had a tender heart of compassion.
ii) There was a genuineness of spirit.
iii) But there was also some weakness evidenced.

3. “That I may be filled with joy”

Was there time for personal joy? Was that valid? The answer is an assured YES! Paul found joy in writing to Timothy.
He found further joy in praying for his beloved son. The thought of seeing Timothy again brought joy!