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Daily Devotionals

05 Nov 2018
Special Feasts
Text: John 6:4-6

by Charles Tan

03 Nov 2018
"A wicked counselor"
Text: Nahum 1:11

by Rev. Dr Charles Tan

31 May 2020
"The Feast of Tabernacles"
Text: Zechariah 14:16

by Dr. Rev. Charles Tan

28 May 2020
"This shall be the plague"
Text: Zechariah 14:12

by Dr. Rev. Charles Tan

22 Sep 2018
"His brightness was like the light"
Text: Habakkuk 3:4

by Rev. Dr Charles Tan

10 Apr 2015
So I swore in My wrath...
Text: Hebrews 3:11

by Rev. Dr Charles Tan | Daily Devotions

Other Articles

09 Jun 2019
I Will Certainly Be With You
Text: Exodus 3

by Rev Mitchell Tan

19 May 2019
I Will Not Go Up in Your Midst
Text: Exodus 33

by Rev Dr Charles Tan

02 Jul 2017
Let Your Work Appear to Your Servants
Text: Psalm 90

by Rev. Dr. Charles Tan

13 Mar 2017
Family Camp 2017 Day 2 Morning Session I

by Student Pastors Eugene Seow and Moses Kwek

04 Jun 2011
YAG 13th Retreat Session 4
Text: Exodus 7

by Rev. Dr Charles Tan | YAG Retreat